Alexander Maltsev – 70: legend of the world hockey celebrates anniversary

PHOTO : TASS / Sergei Fadeichev


The legendary Soviet hockey player Alexander Maltsev on Saturday, April 20, marks the 70th anniversary. To congratulate him, gathered about a hundred guests. Details learned correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Artem Bartkov.

Great athletes are born not in the palaces. Alexander Maltsev from ordinary working families, small stature and horses, made by the father of the boots. Legend No. 10 for Soviet hockey, the logic was supposed to be someone else, but not him.

Talent and incredible tenacity made Maltsev one of the greatest hockey players in history. In his native Dynamo got it the first day.

Maltsev called GM hockey. It is characterized by higher game intelligence and crazy performance. Noticed that even legendary football coach Konstantin Beskov. But to get Mal to leave the skates did not work even with him.

In the Moscow “Dynamo” Maltsev has spent virtually her entire career, but the championship of the USSR he did not submit. But at the level of teams full set: nine victories at the world Championships, two gold medals of the Olympic Games and participated in the legendary summit series USSR – Canada. In addition, Maltsev holds the record for matches for the Soviet national team 319 and abandoned washers – 212.

“I’m not doing it for prizes. I did it for fun. Played for our fans who came and loved hockey,” says Maltsev.

To win on the ice, Alexander Maltsev was a little easier than in real life. His wife and dancer Susanna Buteyko, he sought for a long time. And at first she didn’t like categorically. But in the end, Susanna gave in. The day before the wedding – the most important game of the championship with CSKA. The main enemy – Valery Kharlamov – a few hours should be a witness Mal.

Its 70th anniversary, Alexander Maltsev celebrates in a big way. About a hundred guests: family, artists and, of course, entirely icon of Russian hockey. Today they have good occasion to remember past glories.