Alexander Pedan in 36 years became a blogger

Александр Педан в 36 лет стал блогером

Ukrainian TV presenter Alexandr Pedan recently started to make a video comic for your blog in YouTube. July 4, newly minted blogger posted a funny parody called “What’s in the bag Alexander Pedan”, announcing the release of Instagram. Users reacted to a promotional video that became part of the parody.

“You’ve tried Perdol?” — wrote in the caption to the posted video itself Pedan.

Video: (

In the comments to the video the fans had a good laugh with punning names advertised detergent, and even gave “favorite moments.” Some asked the meaning of a word in another language, accusing the blogger in foul language.

“Cool”, “Bombino))”,”Ukrainian come on, Perdel s Polska x*I, I pergola — I x*W”, “They probably don’t know what it means in Polish!”, “Pretty cool video out”, “Sasha, it’s very funny)))” — write the users of social networks.

Full movie parody of the bloggers Alexander Pedan has shown it is in his bag. The irony of the video, according to fans new blogger that Pedan shows no interest side of life the authors of many YouTube channels.

Video: What’s in the bag Alexander Pedan (ПЕДАН CAN)

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