Alexander Romanov : no discussion with the CH

Alexander Romanov : aucune discussion avec le CH

Now that the playoffs are cancelled in the continental hockey League, the defender Alexander Romanov may think about his future and if he will make the leap to the home of the Montreal Canadian, the next year. For the moment, it is difficult to predict what will happen.

Thus, there is no discussion between the camp of the young Russian, the choice of the second round of the Habs in 2018, and the general manager Marc Bergevin for this purpose currently.

This was confirmed by officer Daniel Milstein to the channel, TVA Sports, on Wednesday. And even if it has been heavily speculated that his client is exilera in North America in view of the fall, a return to Moscow is not ruled out either.

“We’ll talk about over the next few weeks,” he clarified in an exchange of text messages.

In addition, the TSN – through the columnist Pierre Lebrun – has been reported in the morning, quoting Milstein, that the Canadian could award a contract to the Romanovs for the rest of the season prior to granting its first business deal in the fall.

The author has, however, corrected the shooting for the sequel, specifying that the teams are not permitted to sign an agreement with players for the campaign 2019-2020, be suspended during the pandemic COVID-19.

Little used

After you have obtained seven points in 43 games with CSKA Moscow, his ice time is non existent in the playoffs.

After not having been used for only 3 min 16 s, and 3:07 for games 2 and 3 of the series against the Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod, the hope of the CH has been requested only six times in the fourth and last duel.

The left-handed 5 ft and 11 inches is he injured or bends to the wishes of the coach?

“It is a little bit of both,” said the agent.

Milstein did not want to say if it is the injury to a hand injury suffered in the match for the gold medal at the last world Championships in junior hockey that had resurfaced.

Romanov has amassed six points and posted a return of +6 in seven clashes in this tournament.

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