Alexander Romanov: portrait of the future darling of the montreal supporters

Alexander Romanov: portrait du futur chouchou des partisans montréalais

Word of his agent, Dan Milstein, Alexander Romanov could very soon be the new darling of the supporters of the Montreal canadiens.

The director general of the CH, Marc Bergevin, he has already given you found a nickname: “the Destroyer”. The head of the repechage of the organization, Trevor Timmins, for its part, had been delighted to see the Russian encourage other hopes in the camp of european assessment organized by the team before the draft 2018.

In short, Romanov unanimous in its surroundings, and not only because of his impressive skating or his propensity for the game to be robust.

“He has a superb personality. He is always smiling. He has an attitude extremely positive. He’s always trying to make jokes and tell funny stories, has entrusted its agent during a telephone conversation with the site It is a team player, he wants others to know of the success also. He is a young very talented man, a gentleman who is promised to a very, very bright future in the national hockey League (NHL).”

“This is the “Destructor”. It could become a darling of the supporters before long.”

One anecdote in particular sums up the mental aspect of the athlete, who always sees the glass half full.

“Before the draft, we had multiple offers for interviews and offers of Combines, said Milstein. I had called and I told him : “Listen, Montreal wants to invite you to its evaluation camp in Europe and I need you to go, because it is a great opportunity to show your talent. After, you will go directly to Michigan to live with me for a while. We will train and you will be able to fly to Dallas for the draft.””

“He replied : “I don’t know if I’ll be drafted, but if I’m not chosen, I will be able to at least go out and buy shoes at the mall””.

This personality of boute-en-train, you risk to see soon in Montreal. As soon as this season, maybe. Romanov has not yet signed a contract with the Canadian for a single reason : Milstein waiting for an update from the NHL about a possible resumption of activities.

“The only question is whether he will play in 2019-2020, or in 2020-2021, has clarified the agent of hope. This would be detrimental to his development to spend up to eight months without playing hockey. It is extremely important to his progress to make his arrival this season.”

The language of Molière in the plans?

Adaptation in North America can become considerably more complicated for the Russian players who are experiencing difficulties with the English; for them, this implies, after all, to become familiar with a different alphabet. This factor may even prevent some of them out of their shell and express themselves on the ice rink.

But this will not be an issue with Romanov, who should be able to quickly view its color, whether on the ice or with the media.

“He speaks English well, said Milstein. Even in his interviews before the draft, he spoke English without a translator. I believe that, when it arrives in North America, he would speak fluently the language in the space of three months. For the moment, he’s doing quite well.”

“I’m more concerned about his French, laughed the agent. He has learned a few words, but it will take a little time.”

Also, Montreal has left a nice impression to Romanov, who visited last summer, his future home.

“He has spent maybe two or three weeks there. His friends came with him. He loves the city. Her family also. He was looking forward to going there,” said Milstein.

The “soap opera CSKA”

Romanov is the product of an environment very influential in the circles of the Russian hockey. His grand-father, Zinetoula Bilialetdinov, is one of the best coaches of Russian history. And the father, Stanislav Romanov, is one of the agents of the player best known in this country. Moreover, it is becoming the north american representative of one of the clients of Stanislas that Milstein has come to the knowledge of Alexander.

However, despite the nobility of his entourage, Romanov found himself in a strange situation in politics the last season, being limited to a very low playing time with CSKA Moscow, who knew that his player would lift the pens next year.

“I’d better not speak out, said Milstein when questioned about it. In the end, it is the decision of the head coach and management. I’d rather not get into speculation. It was very well done with the little game time that was given to him.”

Credit to the CH

Milstein is suspected that Romanov was going to be claimed by the Canadian due to the strong interest that their evaluators of talent, including their Russian spy Artem Telepin – a “great recruiter” –, was the place of his client. The Central recruiting, it, classified the defender than to the 115th level among skaters european in its final list.

“It has been the subject of an erroneous evaluation of the part of a lot of recruiters,” said the agent of the young man.

And if some people are surprised even by the fact that it has been selected as early at the 38th rank while it seemed to go under the radar, it is necessary to know that the other two teams that will save after the CH in the second round the were influenced.

“We knew that the Blue Jackets of Columbus or the Golden Knights Vegas would have claimed. They have excellent scouts in Russia as well,” explained Milstein.

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