Alexandre Cusson took over the management of the swine Breeders

Alexandre Cusson prend la direction des Éleveurs de porcs

Unfortunate candidate to the leadership of the liberal Party of Quebec, Alexandre Cusson will become executive director of the swine Breeders in Quebec from August 3, next.

The former mayor of Drummondville and president of the Union des municipalités du Québec was launched in the race to the succession of Philippe Couillard, last fall, against the member Dominique Anglade.

Little present in the media during the first months of the leadership campaign, Mr. Cusson has finally withdrawn its bid during the month of may last, granting the victory to his rival. He had explained not to have the financial means to wait for several months without income, now that the race was suspended due to the pandemic.

Mr. Cusson arrived in the direction of the pig Farmers at a time when the industry is facing significant challenges. The COVID-19 has led to delays in the slaughterhouses which, combined with the closure of the restaurants, have caused a surplus of cattle producers, recently explained the president of the pork producers of Quebec, David Duval, in an interview with The Journal.

The press release of the organization to announce the arrival of Mr. Cusson also states that all partners of the pork sector will be invited to a strategic planning exercise over the next few months. “Access to markets, the preservation of the health and well-being of the animals and the recovery of the necessary investments to preserve the competitiveness of enterprises pig will be at the heart of the issues that will be the subject of discussions”, said the release.

“We are very pleased to welcome Alexander to the breast of the swine Breeders. It goes without saying that his experience in the municipal setting, its dynamism and its ability to carry out the records complex will be invaluable for our organization. Alexander is accustomed to working in collaboration with the Quebec government and the various stakeholders. It will therefore be able to work constructively with the stakeholders of the pork sector”, has declared David Duval.

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