Alice Morel-Michaud: the attraction of playing a teenager determined

Alice Morel Michaud: l’attrait de jouer une adolescente déterminée

While Alice Morel Michaud is working to complete his high school and started his apprenticeship at the college, she has lived experience of shooting “very intense”, but also one of its “most beautiful”: for the children’s program “Subito texto”.

Ten months a year for three years, the young actress has lent its traits to Maude Allard, a student of which one can appreciate the strong personality thanks to the reruns on Télé-Québec.

“I liked that she is very determined, that no matter what people say, she will follow her instincts and her convictions. She is not ready to change just to please, gives details of his interpreter. For a young girl of 14 years, to be so sure of yourself and be proud of who she is, it’s pretty remarkable,” says Alice Morel Michaud.

Realistic and funny

Part of the success of “Subito texto” comes from the distribution consisting of Romanesque Denis, Camille Felton, Antoine Olivier Pilon and Louka Grenon who offer a truth, argues the actress.

“There is the fact that it was pretty close to the age of our characters. At times, there are 30 year olds playing 15 year olds. There, we were all in high school, or almost, and it was two or three years maximum of the true age of our characters. It was realistic.”

The success of this project tv also goes by “the appearance is very funny, super-erupted, and a little absurd” characters adults, among which we find François Chénier, Pierre-François Legendre, and Myriam Leblanc, to name just a few.

The portfolios of children and families, whether they result from the diversity or reconstructed, is also well worth its weight in gold. “There are several quests, multiple characters and it allows young people to identify with several things.”

A contact fort

Since the arrival of “Subito texto” at the beginning of 2014, things have greatly changed in the universe of Alice Morel-Michaud, now a young woman of 21 years.

“Yes, there is a before and an after, especially at the level of the public in the fact that I’m more recognized than before. Young people are super-intense; when they love a show, they really like that.”

“Especially thanks to social networks, I have gained a certain popularity with young teenagers. It brought me several things. Among other things, when I started my YouTube channel, I had an audience, because these young people were attached to me. Now, I have a platform to convey some messages.”

And that like-t-to say to her and those who follow on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook? “One is never too young to act, take action, get involved in environmental causes and social justice, or interest in the policy. For me, you can always make a difference, start to get involved, learn about the world around us and act as a citizen.”

  • – “Subito texto” at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., Monday to Friday, on Télé-Québec. Also available at any time at the address
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