Alicia Silverstone in the role of Housewives and feminists from the ‘ 70s in the TV series “American”

Alicia Silverstone in the movie “the American”

41-year-old Alicia Silverstone is preparing again to conquer the screens: very soon the light will see a new series with an actress in a leading role — show “American” (American Woman) about the 40-year-old housewife Bonnie Nolan with two children whose marriage suddenly falls apart. After the divorce, accustomed to the luxurious life of the heroine is without a livelihood and without a clear plan of action, but not in despair. All this — in the 1970s, and thus without the crazy bright outfits in the frame can not do. And the first photo appeared online that confirm this.

Alicia Silverstone. Frame from the series “American”

In addition to Silverstone, the series also starred the star of “American Beauty” MENA Suvari, Jennifer Bartels, Cheyenne Jackson and other actors.

Bonnie — “trophy wife” and a typical housewife. Her job is to be a good mother and wife, and the whole day she spends to look good for husband when he gets home. It’s her choice. She is an ordinary woman from Beverly hills in the 1970s, but once things start to not go according to plan. Yes, she’s just a housewife, but she’s smart and sassy, and if you piss her off, you no good. It is really dangerous and incredibly unpredictable. This I like: she is a multifaceted personality,

— talks about her character Alicia.

One of the key storylines of the show will be the birth of feminism:

My heroine Bonnie Nolan is just the bomb! For its time, it is largely a pioneer. The air is literally saturated with ideas of equality, women are starting to loosen up… while women even the loan could not obtain without a man. And after 40 years, women have not achieved equal rights with men! Still we have to talk about equal pay and seriously discuss how sexy it is allowed to be a woman. Great to do the show, which tells about the origins of this struggle,

says Silverstone.

To fight for equal rights in the series will be in accordance with the spirit of the time, but because the creators have tried to create the most authentic atmosphere:

You’ll fall in love with this music, hairstyles, clothes and jewelry,

— promises the actress.

The wait is long — the premiere will take place on 7 June.

MENA Suvari. Frame from the series “American”

Frame from the series “American”

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