ALIEV: “were less likely to call with Milevskiy. He had a girlfriend”

АЛИЕВ: «Стали реже созваниваться с Милевским. У него появилась девушка»

The former midfielder of Kiev “Dynamo” Oleksandr Aliyev said, with any of the former partners supports right now. “If you ask me, if I talk on the phone with someone, I will answer that only Khatskevich, Shatskikh and Lognam. Congratulate each other happy Birthday on a regular basis. With a Theme of something (Milevskiy – ed.) – of course. But lately we began to do it less often. He’s the current player. And his girl showed up. But I don’t mind if he wants to call me, I always online”. Artem Milevskiy and Oleksandr Aliyev – the pupils of “Dynamo” and played for the club until 2013

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