Alignment: what is it and why to watch it

When and how often to be tested.

Розвал-сходження: що це таке і навіщо за цим стежити

Vehicle – a vehicle, in which every parameter. Signs “alignment” can be found in many service stations. Tell when and how often to be tested, informs Rus.Media.

First let’s define the terms. So, there are three parameters that should be aware of any self-respecting motorist. Two of them knows is a camber and toe-in. And there is a third – caster.

The collapse of the (eng. camber) is called the angle between vertical and the plane of rotation of the wheel. It can be negative or positive: negative when the top of the wheel is slightly tilted inwards, and positive when, on the contrary, the upper edge a little overwhelmed with out.

Ascension (eng. toe) is the angle between the plane of rotation of the wheel and the direction of movement of the machine. Simply put, is a measure of the parallelism of the wheels when the car moves in a straight line, and we like looking down at him. Toe is measured in degrees and in millimeters and can also be positive and negative. In the first case, the front edge of the wheel as if to “look” at each other, converge, the second – on the contrary, diverge.

Розвал-сходження: що це таке і навіщо за цим стежити

There are still a caster (eng. caster), he does castor castor angle of an axis of turn of a wheel. On this setting the steering control don’t know everything though, because on most cars it is not regulated in principle. Caster can be positive, negative or zero. All civilian vehicles it is positive, since this angle provides self-alignment of the wheels at speed. That is, when the machine comes out of the bend, and released the steering wheel returns to its original position. By the way, this setting allows you to ride a bike without holding the handlebars.

Розвал-сходження: що це таке і навіщо за цим стежити

To evaluate the caster angle of the car visually is not so simple: usually it is less than 5 degrees. It is easier to understand how it works, on a two-wheeled vehicle – a Bicycle or motorcycle, where Custer coincides with the angle of the forks. Especially illustrative in this regard choppers that have the front wheel much forward.

Set of compromises

Each of the above parameters significantly reflected in the car’s behaviour on the road and the sensations of the driver from drive. For example, the collapse is responsible for the maximum area of tire contact with the road surface, and hence cornering stability. For this reason, it is usually made slightly negative (but there are exceptions, for example racing cars).

Climbing is also a great influence on handling: if it is positive, the suspension is better stabiliziruemost when driving on rough roads and at high speeds, and if negative, the car is much “clearer and better managed. However, in the second case, the rubber wears out faster, and all the roughness on the road right after the “beat” of the driver’s hands.

In General, changing the values of inclination can be achieved or reinforced concrete vehicle stability while maneuvering, or great handling. To both, alas, is impossible.

Розвал-сходження: що це таке і навіщо за цим стежити

Why is it important

You have to dig into the theory, but it is important to know that improper adjustment of the angles of rotation of the wheel or neglect them will lead to the fact that tires wear out much faster than expected. Yes, and fuel consumption will increase significantly. But all this is minor compared to the loss of control, skidding the car sideways and as a consequence, the risk of getting in an accident on a completely flat place.

How often do

To check the alignment and correct it is recommended every 15 to 30 thousand kilometers, depending on how coated you to move around more often: asphalt primer. That is, the test should be carried out several times a year, and it is quite possible to coincide with the seasonal tires on, once again not to spend money. But if you notice that the car pulls to side when the tires began to fade, and the handling has deteriorated or if the wheel is crooked, the machine “floats” in a rut, and turning radius right and left are not the same, then you need to go to the service station.

The alignment needs to be corrected after many repairs. For example, if you have changed tie rods or rack, racks, caps, ball joints, silent blocks, not to mention changing the ride height (if the insertion or, conversely, shortened springs).

It should be borne in mind that if you are at full speed and drove in a hole and damaged the rim, then the settings most likely lost, especially if we are talking about the classic suspension, rubber silent block. You’ll know it because the steering wheel “go” to the side.

How it’s done

In different workshops the wheel alignment, adjust in different ways, depending on the equipment. So, in some services there is the ultramodern 3D-stands that transmit all data on the computer screen in real time, giving the master of color and even voice prompts.

Розвал-сходження: що це таке і навіщо за цим стежити

However, regardless of “advanced” equipment on the point of bona fide master and inspect the suspension, and asked if there was anything heavy in the trunk (because the extra weight can knock the measurements), and tire pressure check, and do the rims inspected – no visible deformities. The mechanics work in this case boils down to jeweler to adjust one parameter without knocking to unacceptable values of others. And still, after leaving the service, the first time you need to be especially careful to ensure that the car behaves predictably on the road.