Alina Grosu told me about this guy and hinted at the wedding

The singer amazed fans.

Аліна Гросу розповіла про хлопця і натякнула на весілля

Now Katy Perry is starring in the new film TV channel “Ukraine” called the “Castle on the sand”. During the shooting of this picture, she tried on the image of a pregnant girl, which aroused heated discussions on the network. Fans bombarded her with questions: if she plans to start a family?

It is known that for 4 years the star meets a guy named Alexander. The audience of the elect Alina is not showing, and for a long time kept the relationship a secret. In the program “Morning with Ukraine” the singer told about personal. It turns out that Alexander is following closely the work of Alina – music, videos, TV shows. The destiny star boyfriend took many trials of other men, Frank manner, and scenes of love, informs Rus.Media.

“He survived the video for “I Want bass”, some “relations” with a guy from the clip “Dog” and all the rest. As for the video for the song “I Want bass”, he looked and said, “God, what nonsense! Where is it? Why? Why?” – admitted Alina Grosu.

The question of when to expect the wedding, Alina embarrassed, but hinted: “Let’s talk about it in June.”