Alive after drifting for 32 days in the Pacific

Vivants après avoir dérivé 32 jours dans le Pacifique

Wellington | Two men, a woman and a little girl has survived after drifting for 32 days in the south Pacific ocean, reported Wednesday a daily newspaper in the Solomon islands.

The survivors were told that eight people with whom they were embedded, including a baby, were also killed, according to the Solomon Star News.

According to the daily, the group had sailed on the 22nd December of the province of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea, with the intention of going to celebrate Christmas in the islands of Carteret, to 100 kilometres away.

But their small boat capsized and some of the members of the group drowned, has told one of the survivors, Dominic Stally.

The other managed to straighten the boat, but some of them are dead by the suite during the long drift in waters crossed by powerful ocean currents.

“We can’t do anything with their corpses, we had to abandon them at sea,” said Dominic Stally. “A couple died, leaving a baby. I’m busy with the baby, but later the baby is dead also “.

To survive, the castaways have eaten a coconut floating on the sea surface and collected rain water.

According to Dominic Stally, several fishing boats passed nearby without spotting the castaways. But eventually the survivors were collected on 23 January off the coast of New Caledonia after drifting for 32 days and nearly 2000 kilometers.

The four survivors were landed on Saturday in the port of Honiara, capital of Solomon islands, a State composed of a dozen main islands and hundreds of smaller islands.

After receiving rehydration treatment, they are discharged from the hospital.

The case of survival extraordinary are not rare in the Pacific, where islands are often separated by huge expanses of water.

In January 2014, a fisherman in el salvador, Jose Alvarenga, failed in the Marshall islands more than 13 months after being shipped to the western coast of Mexico with a comrade who perished in the adventure.

And a teen indonesian has survived seven weeks at sea in 2018 after his small fishing boat is party to drift and ended up 2500 miles away off the coast of Guam.

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