All diseases from repressed emotions! Here are examples of specific internal organs

The relationship of body and soul.

Всі хвороби — від придушення емоцій! Ось приклади на конкретних внутрішніх органах

You believe in the connection of soul and body, that thoughts and feelings manifest physically?

Healers for centuries talking about Newco thread that connects our physical body with the emotional state. One of them is Louise hay, author of the bestseller “you can Heal your life”, reports Rus.Media.

“I love listening to signals from your body,” she says.

Hey encourages all to listen to your body and find mental root of every physical ailment. Here is a brief guide that will help you to approach this task:

Diseases of different organs and their causes:

The Chairman. The feeling of insecurity.

Hair. Impotence, stress.

Ears. Unwillingness to listen to what is happening around; the anger of the heard.

Stomach. The inability to absorb a new experience; fear of the new.

Neck. Stubbornness; the inability to see the second part of the equation.

Throat. The feeling of inability to stand up for themselves; suppressed anger; kotnala resentment.

Back. The lack of support.

The top of the back. The lack of emotional support; the suppression of love.

The middle of the back. A sense of guilt.

Across. The lack of financial support; fear of money.

Eyes. Hostility to them; the unwillingness to see the past, present, or future; the inability to see the truth.

Knees. Inflexible; stubborn; selfish.

Lungs. Feeling of inability to live life to the full.

Mouth. The inability to accept new ideas; a closed mind; the immutability of thoughts.

Nerves. Tangled thoughts; fear; fighting; anxiety.

Chest. The world of the “parent” relationship to a place, person, object or experience.

Heart. The rejection of joy and love.

Bladder. Irritation.

The intestines. The inability to let go of the past.

Feet. The inability to move forward, fear of the future.

Specific disease:

Allergies. Who are you allergic to? The denial of our own strength.

Cold. Many events at the same time. Confusion and petty grievances.

Diabetes. Longing for unfulfilled. The lack of sweetness in life.

Fatigue. Resistance, boredom. Lesson unloved.

Flatulence. Stiffness. Fear. Unrealized ideas.

Headaches. Underestimating yourself. Self-criticism. Fear.

Migraine. Hatred of coercion. Resistance to the course of life. Sexual fears.

Sinusitis. The irritation of someone close to you.

Itching. Unsatisfied desire, guilt.

Jaundice. Bias. Unilateral conclusions.

Weight. The need for protection. The unwillingness to feel. Helplessness, a negation of itself. The suppressed desire to achieve.

Frequent pain. The punishment for guilt. The belief in deserved suffering.

Rheumatism. The sense of our own vulnerability. Chronic grief, resentment. The need for love.

Ulcer. Fear. Confidence in their own inferiority.

Sexually transmitted diseases. The sense of guilt on sexual soil. The need for punishment. Belief that the genitals are sinful or unclean.

Warts. A small expression of hatred. Confidence in their own ugliness.

Constipation. Reluctance to part with outdated thoughts. Be steeped in the past.

Varicose veins. Stay in the hated situation.

Arthritis. Constant criticism of yourself and others. The need for perfection.

Blisters, cuts, fever, herpes, inflammation. Anger.

Cancer. Long-standing resentment. The feeling of sadness and hopelessness.

Stiffness. The constriction of consciousness, a reluctance to break with the past.

Swelling. Deeper emotional thoughts. Intrusive, painful ideas.

Of the tumor. The old images. Remorse.

Recognition of your emotions is the first step on the road to recovery!

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