All in the family. As the former President of Ukraine Poroshenko formally becomes poor

Всё в семью. Как экс-президент Украины Порошенко формально становится нищим

© Public Domain/Gal777recently it became known that the son of the former President of Ukraine Oleksiy Poroshenko, acquired the shares of the Bank his father. We are talking about the International investment Bank (IIB), the main shareholder still was Petro Poroshenko, owning 60% of shares at the beginning of the current year.More of 14.94% stake in the Bank was a close friend and accomplice of the former President Igor Kononenkoand 9,9% — for Oleg Gladkovsky, the main defendant in a corruption scandal with the enterprise “Ukroboronprom” and the former Deputy Secretary of the NSDC. Interest on deposits of Petro Poroshenko in the Bank last year made up a significant part of his officially declared income — UAH 21 mln.

At the end of Nov, OOO “Central European confectionery company” (CECC), the beneficiary of which also recently officially became the son of ex-President Petro Poroshenko Alexey, became a shareholder of JSC “international investment Bank”. CHECK is one of the main companies in the structure of the Roshen Corporation and is the founder of several other subsidiaries of the Corporation.In October Petro Poroshenko rewrote part of confectionery Corporation Roshen on the eldest son, and now the former President listed as a “former owner”. “Former” was also the President of the Corporation Roshen Vyacheslav Moskalevsky. The fact that the ex-President rewrote the jewel of his business Empire Corporation Roshen — the son speaks to the fact that all his earlier promises to sell the Corporation via a “blind trust” was just a fairy tale for the gullible Ukrainians. If “blind trust” is really looking for buyers, then change the owner in the search period would have been impossible.

Bank for money laundering

“International investment Bank”, which Petro Poroshenko unsubscribe their child and former member of his party Alexei Poroshenko, not only brought the former President millions in dividends on deposits. This Bank appears in one of the criminal cases against Poroshenko. To date, RRT is investigating several cases involving the former President. During the investigation, was arrested part of the property Poroshenko, including allegedly sold them the factory “Forge on rybalskaya,” but in late November, the arrest was withdrawn. According to investigators, through the Bank and implemented this transaction. Then from the Bank active funds were withdrawn. In September, the staff of the State Bureau of investigation (RRT) conducted a search in the “International investment Bank”, removing evidence of the withdrawal of the ex-President of Ukraine of money from this financial institution.

As reported by the lawyer Andriy Portnov, law enforcement officers found and seized evidence of the removal of ex-President Petro Poroshenko huge amounts of dollars in cash.”Evil tongues say that yesterday during a search of the International investment Bank, where Poroshenko in may-June this year, carried 340 kilograms of dollars in cash, investigators seized the server with the video files, cash warrants, confirming the fact of removing 34 million dollars and all payment documents,” — said Portnow.

In all, only for the first nine months of the current year the assets of “International investment Bank” decreased three times from 9.3 to 3.0 billion. The outflow of deposits of physical persons with the beginning of the year amounted to 2 billion, or 70%. One of the main clients of the same Bank was, in fact, Poroshenko himself. Money, he began to slowly withdraw since March of this year, after lost in the first round.

The tale of time lost

While the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office is stalling with the assistance of Petro Poroshenko to justice, while Parliament does not dare to deprive him of his immunity, he actively rewrites his property to his son — and the money will not leave the family, and the billionaire formally remains a stitch.

The state budget is also likely to help the “poor” family in every way possible. As announced on 30 November, the Minister of culture, youth and sports Vladimir Borodyansky in the budget for 2020 provides 150 million UAH in the Ukrainian cultural Foundation (ukf), which is headed by the wife of ex-President Maryna Poroshenko.

It is noteworthy that Poroshenko promised to sell his business in 2014, delaying the process until, until it expired term. And only a credible threat of prosecution forced him to rewrite the business to his son. It should be noted that this is only for Ukrainian assets Poroshenko, it seems, for their business and estates abroad, he cares less. Other business assets in Ukraine, which can arrest or take away colleagues yesterday, if Petro Poroshenko will have to flee the country. In such a situation, to trust their offspring can only be his half-son.On information that the ex-President rewrites the Bank on his son, lawyer Andriy Portnov responded with sarcastic comments addressed to the public Prosecutor Ruslana’s Ryaboshapko, which is clearly in no hurry with the chores, which featured the former President.

“Friends, today is exactly three months of work the new attorney General. And just coincidentally, today Poroshenko rewrote the son and of the international investment Bank, in which after the search, the investigators confirmed the withdrawal by the defendant in may of this year, 340 kg of cash in hundred dollar bills. Recently, Poroshenko had copied in son Roshen, now the Bank. At Tigipko rewrote “the Smithy on the fishing”, and the Makeenko — channel “Direct”. For one hundred days of work of the attorney General can rewrite the relatives of the defendant in all of his other accounts and assets offshore. But if there are no more relatives, it is possible to rewrite all on the Prosecutor,” wrote Portnow.

One gets the impression that the new government of Ukraine on purpose to give the former President time and opportunity to clean up the Augean stables of their business, then to shrug and say that from a legal point of view, Poroshenko clean and even take it with nothing.

“What can I say. Still pull slightly, it is important for channel 5 to attach and a couple of other operations to perform. And to celebrate the arrest of a homeless beggar. If the arrest take place at all” — ironically on this occasion, Telegrams-channel Klymenko-Time.

However, according to Ukrainian lawyer Rostislav Kravets, such a step from a legal point of view might not help ex-President.”The son of Poroshenko and he himself are related persons. Therefore, rewriting on the son’s assets, it does not protect them from confiscation. But, in my opinion, the fact that he’s trying to do, demonstrates his hesitation in the line of defense in those criminal cases, which are now in the work of the RRG,” says Kravets.

According to a November poll by the Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS), 74% of Ukrainians support the removal of immunity with Poroshenko, and 21% were against. This ratio generally follows the alignment of forces in the second round of the presidential election. The falling rating of Vladimir Zelensky and “Servants of the people” could hold the promised in the spring “planting” of a top corrupt officials like Poroshenko. However, as the new government does not dare to rein in right-wing, so indecisive she and the ex-President and his accomplices.Dmitry Kovalevich

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