All Maryland People Who Died From COVID-19 Were Not Vaccinated: Report

All Maryland People Who Died From COVID-19 Were Not Vaccinated: Report

All Maryland People Who Died From COVID-19 Were Not Vaccinated: Report

Something very strange is happening with the Covid pandemic. I mentioned it yesterday and published a chart that graphically illustrates it, and today more concrete data has arrived that confirms my observation. The Covid pandemic has entered a phase where it is defined by political affiliation, a situation of which I cannot find any previous examples in history. MAGAts are not vaccinated, and now those who contract the disease and die from it are almost entirely from this unvaccinated demographic. Even worse, it has become clear that those who contract Covid, even if they survive, often have ongoing health problems brought on by Covid, suggesting that MAGAts are going to have health problems for years to come. Who do you think they’re going to blame? Themselves? Triumph? The Republican Party?

Representation of a patient with COVID-19 in the hospital. Credit:

The Washington Post cited Shocking data released by the state of Maryland that revealed that all of the people who died from COVID-19 there last month were not vaccinated.

“But even when the total number of cases has decreased, the risk remains for those who are not vaccinated,” the report said. “In addition to the more than 100 coronavirus deaths reported in June, Maryland residents who were not vaccinated accounted for 95 percent of the 2,385 new coronavirus cases and 93 percent of the 6,707 novel coronavirus hospitalizations the state saw. that month”.

The move comes at the same time that states with lower vaccine rates are now seeing increases in COVID cases.

Last week in southern MissouriFor example, hospitals have been so overwhelmed that they have been forced to send patients to Kansas. Some hospitals in central Missouri have also run out of fans and staff. This week, the hospitals they were forced to send patients to Kansas City or St. Louis out of desperation.

CNN released Monday that COVID cases are almost three times higher in states with low vaccination rates …