All men fall in love only the woman who possesses this trait is proved by scientists!

Все мужчины влюбляются только в ту женщину, которая обладает этой чертой — доказали ученные!

Many women repeatedly asked the question: what ladies prefer men? Those heels and your makeup 24 hours a day? Or, maybe the stronger sex like fragile, delicate girls who need to be protected?

In fact it is all the trappings. Men are attracted to those who possess only one trait.

This is not a clothing brand, not big Breasts, not a perfect manicure or inflated lips. And not even the legs!

Attention! The researchers relations after a long and scrupulous inquiry came to the conclusion that all actually fall in love with… happiness!

Agree, each of us is by nature a bit selfish. And, in choosing a partner, we think about our own well-being. Looking at a happy man, on a subconscious level come to the conclusion that next to that will be very comfortable.

Of course, happiness for everyone – the concept is very vague. But if on average, all the men fall in love, have these qualities:

1. Not “loaded”

Looking at a happy man, experience the ease. It is not sad for no reason, not complaining at the world/government/evil people. He is good always and everywhere.

2. Smile

Psychologists conducted an interesting experiment. Respondents showed some of the photos where people are smiling, and the part on which they are serious. Then the experiment participants were asked to answer who they think they are more cute. The result is not surprising: attractive to them were smiling people.

3. Treat people better than others

In the office new? “Well, that was weird”. Young man wants to meet you on the street? “The freak”. How often do we put “labels” before you know the person! For this reason, highly regarded people that are as positive attitude towards others.

4. Able to speak not only about themselves

Of social networks you can find out what you like and what to hate. But what you can give to another person? If you know how to lighten the mood, bring joy and bring a smile, it’s worth it!

5. See good where others see bad

Disgusting weather? All so see it. Why focus on negative when you can talk about something pleasant. People with this position are attracted to others.

  • The first girl then said that “it sucks” and pursed her lips. Of course, our cavalier feel like a loser.
  • And the second girl agreed with a companion that “the movie is not very” but suggested, for example, to brighten up the impression of the evening going to the shop.
  • Guess which of the ladies will fall in love with a man?

Fall in love not in those who in the abstract good looks, and those who can give warmth and care! Agree with that?

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