All news – world Toyota Camry came wheel-drive modification

 Все новости по теме - мир У Toyota Camry появилась полноприводная модификация

Unlike Japan, where all-wheel-drive Camry is a hybrid with electric motor on the rear axle, on the other side of the Pacific ocean, the brand used the traditional design with clutch RAV4.
Four wheel drive cars can only be a Toyota Camry with “aspirated” and 2.5 vosmidiapazonnoy automatic Direct-Shift. Power sedan AWD with a label depending on version range to 205 to 208 horsepower, and they are heavier than the usual 75 pounds. Transmission Dynamic Torque Control AWD is fully transferred with the RAV4: rear wheel start to work only when the slip of the front and transferred to 50 percent thrust. In normal mode, the electronic clutch opens and the car becomes front wheel drive.

In Japan all-wheel drive is only available for the Toyota Camry hybrid. They are equipped with a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine and an electric motor, in the amount of outstanding 211 horsepower. For modification of e-Four provided another electric motor, but on the rear axle. This machine peak power will be about 218 horsepower.

All-wheel-drive Camry addressed to customers who, for whatever reason, prefer mid-size sedan crossover. With off-road modifications intended only for the North American market and is unlikely to emerge in other countries. Except in used form.

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