All of the kebabs: the danger of a barbecue anywhere

Все на шашлыки: чем грозит барбекю где попало

In Moscow you can have a picnic in the parks and on some embankments. The main thing is to use a specially designated area. Barbecue anywhere, face serious fines and problems with the police, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Mr Sheroukhov.

Emergency workers and police follow the smell of barbecue. In the Park “joy” for the may holidays organize dozens of picnics, and barbecues, and it is forbidden. The task of this group to explain to people, so rest is impossible.

To convince the offenders goes a long way. However, to argue is useless. The law is still on the side of the people in uniform.

Another chef I had to hurry to gather my things. Unauthorized barbecues can cost him from three to five thousand rubles. But so far, no one fined, but only warned.

To cook barbecue in a special barbecue area. This year in Moscow of more than 150. All of them easy to find on the Internet. The point is that grill stood on the stone surface and not on the ground, as is usually the case.

“This is the first and foremost risk that the person may, by their action or inaction, without experience in the fires, it is elementary to suffer, to burns, trauma,” says senior inspector of the second regional division of emergency management in the northeastern administrative area Vyacheslav Witkowski.

The grill can cause a fire. Not all extinguish the coals, some even when they leave, leave things as they are. If the first two companies-infringers do not even have time to light a fire, the third was already preparing lunch. But to bring meat to the condition failed.

Problem at least one: day even allowed in the barbecue area to find a place that will be difficult. The picnic turned out, you need to come early in the morning.