All “servants of the people”

Всем «Слугам народа»

Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky state pedagogical University named after Gregory Skovoroda took the other day the lecturer. Sergey Sternenko.
The meeting was “long awaited”, and the lecturer was pleased with the future teachers ‘ stories and stories about the “civil society”. And even had a bite.Don’t know I told students Sternenko on their experiences in the immersion of the blade of the knife in the victim’s body, or how finished fifth knife already lying Ivan Kuznetsov and his convulsions was streaming,but I think the leadership of this University just crazy, if the killer admits to the students.Lectures.I want to send greetings to the General Prosecutor of the Ryaboshapka here, harboring the killer in the bowels of the SBU.And all the “Servants”. Looking at you and your actions and serial and serial maniacs nervously Smoking in aside. It’s all on your conscience.Elena Lukash

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