All the information on the draw for the 8th round and the 32nd.

    All the information on the draw for the 8th round and the 32nd.

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    The Coupe de France is finally back in a brand new formula put in place by the FFF. The draw takes place this Thursday, January 7. We’ll tell you all about it.

    The draw for the Coupe de France is always a highlight of the month of January. It will be a little different this year since due to the health context, the FFF had to rethink its formula and split the Coupe de France into two lanes. One dedicated to amateur football and the other for professional clubs. Ligue 2 clubs will therefore enter the competition for the 8th round on January 20. The Ligue 1 clubs will enter the next round to face the ten Ligue 2 clubs still qualified. But they will know from this Thursday the drawing of lots for the different matches.

    The new Coupe de France

    To continue the Coupe de France, the FFF was forced to separate amateur clubs from professional clubs. As soon as the sanitary situation allows, the amateurs will continue the scheduled matches of the 5th and 6th round. They will play among themselves until the round of 16 where they will find the qualified professional clubs. The pro clubs therefore enter the competition on January 20 with the 20 Ligue 2 clubs competing against each other. The 10 winners and the 20 Ligue 1 clubs will play the 32nd between them to determine 15 qualified for the round of 32.

    During this draw, the modalities are quite simple since there will be no geographical group or separation according to the levels. Ligue 2 clubs will be drawn for the account of the 8th round. Ligue 1 clubs will compete in the next round but the draw will also take place this Thursday, January 7.

    The draw for the 8th round and the 32nd final of the Coupe de France live

    For this draw, these are the hands of Thomas Bihel, Louis-Pierre Frileux and Cléopatre Darleux who will decide the fate of the various teams involved.

    This draw can be followed live on this Thursday, January 7, 2021, from 5:00 p.m.

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