Alla Pugacheva in a candid interview: I didn’t know what it’s like to be married

Алла Пугачева в откровенном интервью:  Раньше я не знала, что такое быть замужем

Alla Pugacheva in a candid interview: “I didn’t know what it’s like to be married” [photos, video]
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Alla Pugacheva. Photo: screenshot of video

Diva spoke about family life, old age, and envy of colleagues.

On the YouTube channel of actor and Director Oleg Menshikov came the long-awaited interview with Alla Pugacheva. The interview took place at the Yermolova theatre in Moscow in front of several dozen spectators, so the excerpts of the interview previously leaked to the network. Diva for the first time openly talked about marriage with Maxim Galkin and their children. And much more about.

About childhood and complexes

“Since my childhood I was insecure and shy, a typical introvert. Communication has always been given with great difficulty. That was my nickname, “savage”, I said. I don’t have time honestly to talk, I was always focused on the music then anything else. Always forced to learn. One month a year were allowed to relax. I didn’t know how. In order to overcome myself, I went to the guys and told myself: “You’re in charge, you’re cool”.

Алла Пугачева в откровенном интервью:  Раньше я не знала, что такое быть замужем

Alla Pugacheva, 1977. Photo: N. Ageeva, and A. Ageeva /Fotokhronika TASS

The voice

“I was a dramatic actress. Singing is not going to. Then the voice developed. But a singer I never called. Know it all: I am a woman who sings. Not in the mood – he can’t sing. Throat ache is still singing. But it is forgivable, she’s not a singer.”

About the education of Lisa and Harry

“We don’t punish children. I try to explain something. In Japan they say that till five years nothing is impossible – watch it. And I Japan knew it. Something to give your child, it is necessary to understand what he wants at all. These five years, you look to him. That’s all they say about Lisa: “What an artist!” I’d have her in my life not exposed, but Max all the time. And now I know what she wants. She or Brigitte Bardot, or math loves math and so organized, or something creative.”

Алла Пугачева в откровенном интервью:  Раньше я не знала, что такое быть замужем

Alla Pugacheva with children. Photo: Instagram

About Maxim Galkin

“I didn’t know what it’s like to be married. Because one was Director the other too, there is something… Well, Phil… Phil is Phil, so it was necessary. And now I don’t even know how to define. I have small children… I don’t know – my mom Christine was sitting. With Nikita, though, I was busy. My husband doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, loyal, talented, humorous, beautiful, Thrifty – all that is necessary. Look and think: “How fortunate for me!” I once only said, “I can grow old with you?” You should have seen his eyes: “are You crazy? Of course, do not fear.” That’s all.”

Алла Пугачева в откровенном интервью:  Раньше я не знала, что такое быть замужем

Maxim Galkin, Alla Pugacheva and children Lisa and Harry. Photo: Instagram

About the castle and a different bedroom with her husband

“The house is built in the style of a castle, but if you go inside, it’s not much. This house is so good, so functional. For Lisa, for her, for Christine, Claudia from across the room. For me, for my husband – because I in separate bedrooms sleeping life. Guest for Denis. That’s all. Well, downstairs I have a small scene. But when Max started to do the Disneyland, I was against it. Gargoyles at the entrance – I was even afraid. And Max said, “They protect us”. He’s such an old man lost in childhood. So he dreamed of a castle to make and did.”

On the envy of other singers

“Some singer, which is not fate, for some reason, saying they pulled the plug. So I wanted to come and say, “You’re on your face looked? Well, not the TV you have it, though, and eat well. Me and do nothing. Because you and so no one does not want to see”. But every time I held back. Such education”.

The success

“I saw the success of only one star. Is the success of Muslim Magomayev. Blimey, I thought that this level is impossible. But I must say that I have reached. Many of today’s stars don’t know what a real success. Unless, maybe, say…”

Алла Пугачева в откровенном интервью:  Раньше я не знала, что такое быть замужем

Alla Pugacheva, Muslim Magomayev and Svetlana Morgunova. Photo:

About Instagram and old age

“I rarely use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Instagram I need only truth of life. If suddenly something, some Slippers for me to say. Here there is a tendency to accuse me of senility, as if the people themselves will not get old. They write: “See what she’s like without paint, without anything!” And I grew up on the principle that “Young everywhere we road, old people everywhere we honor!” And that’s aunt 70 years, who grew up on these rules, then I read about: “the old Woman, so ressaca!” Think: “And I’ll add! Be happy, bastard!” Yes, I’m old. And there’s nothing I can do about it. And to say that I have a young soul – I won’t. Yeah, I’m getting old. Go and think: “Wake up!” Here get up and think: “you have to Have the head is not spinning!” Yesterday the restaurant was, I can’t remember when the wine was drinking, I said, “Oh, let’s drink!” And tablet then get it.

Funny the person who responds to such attacks on Instagram: “How could they call me old?” I wanted to spit. I thing that the stents (Alla due to the heart problems suffered vascular stenting – Ed.) mine is not dropped, my legs, by the way, beautiful still, went. The main thing — the desire to live in the present moment.”



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