Alla Pugacheva refused to sleep with Galkin

Алла Пугачева отказалась спать с Галкиным

Russian singer Alla Pugacheva in an interview with the actor Oleg Menshikov has shared on how is life in their castle. About it writes “Today”.

The castle, in which there lives the whole family of the singer, located in the village of Mud, the Moscow region.

Pugachev explained that in fact their house is not so big. There are separate rooms for almost every member of the family. Alla Borisovna noted that they with Maxim Galkin also different bedrooms:

“This house is so nice and functional. It has room for Lisa, Gary, Christina (Aguilera-ed.), Clara (daughter of Christina, ed.), for me, for my husband, because I’m always in separate bedrooms to sleep your whole life, guest and all. At the bottom I have a little stage-Studio”, – shared the singer.

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