Allegations of a sexual nature: an elected bloquiste supports Yves-François Blanchet

Allégations de nature sexuelle: une élue bloquiste soutient Yves-François Blanchet

OTTAWA – A second elected has lent his support to the leader of the Bloc Québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, more than two days after the latter had been the subject of allegations of a sexual nature.

Marie-Hélène Gaudreau, who is member of parliament for Laurentides-Labelle, has invited the woman behind the allegations in a complaint to the police.

“Mr. Blanchet has been expressed and, what we hope is that the person can make his steps with recognised institutions. We expect it,” she said Friday at VAT New at the time of his arrival on parliament hill in Ottawa.

“The caucus as well as myself are behind Yves-François Blanchet”, has riveted the elected bloquiste.

Yves-François Blanchet made the subject of allegations of a sexual nature, published anonymously on the page Facebook Hyenas in petticoats Tuesday evening. A woman wrote that Mr. Blanchet, while he was the manager of the rocker Éric Lapointe in 1999, would have tried to kiss her without her consent and would have encouraged her to have sex with him.

Mr. Blanchet has denied “unequivocally” these allegations, on Wednesday, and his press officer has indicated, in a declaration, that he intended to continue his professional activities.

Louis Plamondon, who is the dean of the House of commons, was, until now, the only other member of the Block to see publicly endorsed Mr. Blanchet. Others are content to relay the declaration of the attached to the leader or indicate that they were not available for comment.

“What is happening in this moment is particularly unique, and we have to think about it because collectively, with the past weeks and months, there are several issues at hand. And now, we must observe what is happening and also expect to have news of the person who has to file these allegations with the competent authorities”, concluded Marie-Hélène Gaudreau.

Fortin replied to Joly

In addition, his colleague, Rhéal Fortin, mp bloquiste of Rivière-du-Nord, responded Friday to the minister of regional Development, Mélanie Joly, the day after its release in which it called upon Yves-François Blanchet to be explained with respect to the allegations of a sexual nature.

“As a lawyer, member of parliament and minister, who embodies both the judicial, the legislative and the executive, undermine the presumption of innocence, which is one of the most important foundations of our justice system, is very disturbing,” said Mr. Fortin.

“How can we give explanations about an event that has not occurred, alleged in an anonymous fashion, on a site given to him as anonymous? Is this Mélanie Joly will also ask for explanations in public of his head, which had been the subject of allegations of sexual misconduct?”, said Mr. Fortin.

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