Allegations of a sexual nature: Charlie Rose fired by CBS

Photo: Bryan Bedder / Getty Images / Agence France-Presse
Charlie Rose, 75 years old, is the latest celebrity date to fall in the wake of the case of Weinstein.

The american network CBS News has fired the host of Charlie Rose, Tuesday, less than 24 hours after several former colleagues had accused him of sexual misconduct. As to PBS, which broadcast his show lengthy interviews, the network has announced that it severed its links with the facilitator to 75 years.

The president of CBS News, David Rhodes, has told its employees that there was nothing more important than having a safe work environment and professional.

Up to now, there has been no accusation against Charlie Rose, the share of people working at CBS News, where he coanimait the morning show on CBS This Morning since 2012, in addition to contributing to 60 Minutes.

The allegations, revealed by the Washington Post from colleagues or aspiring employees who had been in contact with Charlie Rose on his show on the PBS network.

David Rhodes wrote in a note sent to its employees that although no one can “erase the past “behaviors” that were once accepted, would never have had to be “.

The big boss of the network added that it had taken these measures to preserve the credibility of CBS News, who has already been reporting on allegations of sexual misconduct within other media companies.

To PBS, where the host of a 75-year-old piloted a program of interviews since 1991, the network has revealed the end of their partnership for a time after the announcement of CBS News.

Charlie Rose was the owner of the company that produced his show distributed by PBS.

In a statement, PBS said that it expected that ” all of the producers with whom he worked offer a work environment where people feel safe and are treated with dignity and respect “.

“Embarrassed “

A wave of denunciations of sexual misconduct against powerful men has swept from the New York Times exposed the case of the producer fallen Harvey Weinstein, this fall.

In the story the Washington Post published Monday, several women have accused Charlie Rose had touched her breasts, buttocks and thighs, and to be shown naked in front of them.

Reah Bravo, a former associate producer of the show to PBS, has even said that the presenter was a “sexual predator” and that she was his victim.

Charlie Rose has not responded to immediate dismissal. In a statement released on Monday evening, he apologized for his actions and said he is ” deeply embarrassed “.

The two coanimatrices of Charlie Rose on the CBS broadcast This Morning, Gayle King and Norah O’donnell, have been very critical of their former colleague.

“This is a period which calls for a review in a frank and honest about where we are and, more generally, on the safety of women. Let me be very clear. There is no excuse for this alleged behaviour, ” said Norah O’donnell.

Gayle King said she considered Charlie Rose as his friend, and it felt a lot. But she said she was torn by the fact that someone that she likes very much to have done ” something so horrible “.

“I’m clearly on the side of those women who have been injured and affected by this,” she said.

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