Allegations of ill-treatment of detainees

Alleging “ill-treatment” suffered while he was in detention, a former defendant who has received a judgment in Jordan hoping to see the collective action taken against the Establishment of detention of Québec (EDQ) to be authorized.

It is the judge Clément Samson of the superior Court, which must determine, in the course of the next few weeks, whether the treatment alleged against the population that has attended or who is in the EDQ should be debated on the merits.

Based on the testimony of his client, Samuel Cozak, but also on that of a third party, Me Stéphane Harvey was submitted to the president of the tribunal that “since the arrival of the prisoners to the EDQ” they were to ” sign a waiver of their fundamental rights “.

“Camping “

“If they refuse to sign, they are threaten to be put in the hole. Is this that this practice should not be highly reprehensible ? I would say yes, ” said the lawyer to the judge Samson.

Me Harvey also addressed the issues of prison overcrowding and the safety of the premises.

“My client has documented the site of the establishment. A practice that should be exceptional, but that is done in a systemic way. Some days, more than 100 people were left on mattresses unsuitable, unhealthy or damaged, deposited in the soil at 20 cm of a toilet bowl. It is in this way that one treats human beings in the EDQ, ” added the lawyer.

Under-feeding and strip-search

The under-feeding of detainees, the strip searches and the lack of access to adequate health care have also been addressed by the applicant.

“It is said that prisoners have access to a doctor, but in reality, it was a nurse who does the job and that is signed by a physician. There is, therefore, a systematic violation on several levels, ” said Me Harvey.

If the president of the tribunal has listened carefully to the argument, it has also been targeted by some weaker points, such as the ” lack of objective evidence on some aspects “.

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