Alliance union calls for “unconditional support” from government

    Alliance union calls for “unconditional support” from government

    INTERVIEWUnease is mounting within the police. Respect for confinement, demonstrations, accusations of police violence: police officers no longer hide their anger. In particular since the interview with the President of the Republic in the online media Brut. Emmanuel Macron had recognized that there was “violence by the police”, preferring this expression to that of “police violence”. David-Olivier Reverdy, Deputy National Secretary of the Alliance union for the province, denounces the words of the Head of State, defends himself against racism and asks for “unconditional support” from the government.

    The interview that ignited the powder

    “We had a President of the Republic who does not defend those who protect the Republic, those who, two years ago, protected him. Remember, the Arc de Triomphe looted and the thugs wanted to attack at the Elysee. Everyone was very happy to find the police, police and gendarmes, on the road. A president would never have had such words, two years ago. Except today ‘ Hui, the times are past. The demonstrations are virulent, but less numerous. And today, to want to please a certain part of the youth, it has just made a hook-foot to the 250,000 police officers and gendarmes who make up this country “, deplores the trade unionist.

    In his interview for Brut, Emmanuel Macron responded to the subject of recurring accusations made to the police. In particular facial checks and racism. The trade unionist denies it. “Facies checks do not exist. The police do not control someone of color for fun. We do not choose their delinquency, that is very clear. And make people believe that the police are going to check only delinquents. of color, but not the delinquents of another, in this case whites, it is totally unacceptable and it is to ignore the daily reality of the police officers which, today, is an extremely difficult daily newspaper “, assures David- Olivier Reverdy.

    As for the images of music producer Michel Zecler, beaten up by several police officers at the entrance to his recording studio in the 17th arrondissement, the police officer understands that they may have been shocking. But recalls the right to the presumption of innocence. “When we take images that are only taken out of context for three minutes … Yes, the images, we can understand that they are shocking. We, what we are just saying is that the police are entitled to the presumption of innocence, like everyone else, and that today, the presumption of guilt shown by the President of the Republic is completely unacceptable. He found them guilty even before he was warned to view and that their investigation begins “, laments David-Olivier Reverdy.

    A call to Jean Castex

    To show their anger, the police have been stepping up symbolic actions in recent weeks. In Isère, for example, nearly 200 police officers filed a request for conventional breaks. Everywhere in France, identity “non-checks” are organized to explain to citizens that the police are not racist. For the deputy national secretary of the Alliance for the province, all these actions translate a deep “fed up”. “The police have been at their wits’ end for many months because they are overworked, because we are on the nerves of everything that can happen in France, of everything that politicians cannot manage, whether it is on social crises, economic crises, “he explains. “It is the police that we put in front because the politician does not manage, by appropriate decisions, to calm the discontent of the company or at least a part of it, in front of a silent majority who cannot express himself. ”

    “It is also symptomatic of the police officers who today do not accept to be abused, to be stigmatized by the President of the Republic. We have a motto, which is to pay to serve. We are not paid to die, “denounces David-Olivier Reverdy. He welcomes the support of the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, but now calls on Prime Minister Jean Castex to take a stand.

    “The first thing, Mr. Prime Minister, is that we need unconditional support from you and that of the President of the Republic. We also need real protection,” he says. . “Today, the police officer is no longer protected. Justice no longer protects those who protect the Republic. And it is in this capacity that the union Alliance police nationale asks that we be able to have an Observatory of the response criminal, that is to say that we can know the sentences incurred by the offender, the sentences that are pronounced and the sentences that are actually carried out. Because today, it is completely unacceptable that the authority is so flouted and that the State has left our colleagues to popular vindictiveness because no one is protecting anything in this country.

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