Almost 50 000 deaths in the United States after one of the worst balance sheets in human 24 h, according to the Johns Hopkins university

Près de 50 000 morts aux États-Unis après l’un des pires bilans humains en 24 h, selon l'université Johns Hopkins

WASHINGTON | The new coronavirus has caused nearly 50,000 deaths in the United States after one of the worst balance sheets in human recorded over 24 h, according to figures from the Johns Hopkins university on Thursday night.

Between 20: 30 Wednesday night and Thursday night, what are 3 176 deaths related to the Covid-19 of which were registered in the country, by far the most grief-stricken by the virus, according to official figures. Over this period of 24 h, are 26 971 new cases of coronavirus have been identified for a total of 866 646 cases identified, according to the counting of Johns Hopkins university, in which reference is made.

Due to the lack of testing, the true number of people infected is probably much higher.

At the end of last week, the United States had experienced two very heavy balance sheets daily (more than 3 800 and 4 500 deaths), but these were in part due to the addition of the dead “probably related” to the Covid-19, which had previously not been taken into account.

In addition to these two balance sheets, one of 3 176 dead Thursday night is the deadliest ever recorded in a country in a day since the beginning of the pandemic, which has led to nearly 190 000 deaths in the world.

Despite these alarming figures, several american States such as Texas, Vermont or Georgia have decided to embark on the path of déconfinement, by allowing some businesses to reopen.

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