Almost 74% of Russians believe in better relations with Ukraine – poll

Почти 74% россиян верят в улучшение отношений с Украиной - опрос

Russian citizens who believe that the future of Russian-Ukrainian relations in one way or another will be better, almost seven times more than the Russians, expecting a deterioration. This is according to the opinion poll, writes Interfax.

Sociological research has shown that 74% of Russian citizens in varying degrees rely on the progress in the relations between Russia and Ukraine. With 43% of respondents believe that relations are normalised, but brothers and allies will not be in the restoration of friendly and neighborly relations believe 19% of respondents, 14% of respondents admit that bilateral relations will have an allied character.

According to VTSIOM, 11% of Russians are waiting for the deterioration in Russian-Ukrainian relations, almost twice in comparison with July of this year (6% of respondents). According to the survey, 10% of Russian citizens don’t know what to expect in bilateral relations.

The study showed that 35% of Russians do not know about the activities of the current President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, his positive attitude towards the current Ukrainian President was reported by 9% of respondents, the negative attitude Zelensky said 21% of respondents. According to the poll, 29% of respondents are indifferent to Zelensky.

However, among the Russians who know about the activities Zelensky, the vast majority (74%) believe that over the period of the current Ukrainian President in bilateral relations, nothing has changed (Zelensky took office of the President of Ukraine of may 20, 2019). The number of citizens who are confident that relations had improved and respondents who consider that there has been a deterioration, absolutely equal to 11% of respondents respectively.

The initiative Russian opinion poll was conducted December 12, 2019 among 1,600 respondents aged 18 years.

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