Already medals for the first farm distillery in Quebec

Already medals for the first farm distillery in Quebec

Inaugurated in the midst of a pandemic, Quebec's first farm distillery, in Mirabel, is already winning recognition across the world for its spirits.

The Côte des Saints Distillery was to be officially inaugurated on April 6, an event that fell through due to the containment measures. Never mind, a gin, cocoa liqueur and mint liqueur have since been launched.

Premium Gin has just earned its creators the title of Quebec Gin Distillery of the Year 2020, as part of the New York International Spirits Competition.

An honor that delights its owners, whose ambition is to produce the best whiskey in the world, nothing less. The precious liquid already slumbers in barrels of bourbon, cherry and a dozen other alcohols for the three years of regulatory aging.

“Each small batch will have its own story. People are already reserving bottles for us, even if it will not be released until May 2022, ”said Michel Dubé, one of the founders, also a doctor.

The three brothers Yves, Michel and Jean Dubé wanted to create a common project.

“We shared this passion for wanting to create quality products. It was also a way of working together, ”explained Jean Dubé. Their friend François Marquis, another doctor, also joined them in the adventure. The partners carry out their respective careers during the week and, on the weekends, they take turns welcoming visitors to the distillery.

The purchase of the farmland and the construction of the distillery required an investment of several million dollars. Built on the Scottish model, the distillery is overlooked by a long chimney from which the smoke escapes from the dryer-smokehouse, where the grains are processed after having passed through the malting room.

A 100% copper still, specially designed for whiskey, stands alongside the three column still used to make neutral alcohol and liqueurs.

From grain to bottle, this is the expression used to designate the work of the distillers who make their spirits from the cereal, instead of buying neutral alcohol to flavor it afterwards. The Côte des Saints distillery goes even further by cultivating its barley on site.

“For us, it was essential to control the quality of our raw material,” said entrepreneur Jean Dubé, partner with his brother.

“And it is truly a choice in favor of quality and not a way of reducing costs,” he said.

Although other distilleries are planning to do the same, such as the Ferme du Tarieu which hopes to obtain its distillation license soon, Côte des Saints is the first distillery in Quebec to produce its own grains.

With the 250 tonnes of barley grains harvested annually on their land, the partners expect to produce 6,000 cases of 12 bottles of gin and liqueurs and 400 to 500 barrels of whiskey per year.

Prizes won by the Côte des Saints Distillery

Premium Gin:

– Quebec Distillery of the Year 2020 at the New York International Spirits Competition

– Silver medal at the New York International Spirits Competition 2020

– Silver medal at the California SIP Awards 2020

– Gold medal at the Gin Master 2020 in London

Liqueur Hint of cocoa:

– Silver medal at the 2020 California SiP Awards

– Silver medal at the New York International Spirits Competition 2020

Mint Cloud Liqueur:

– Bronze medal at the New York International Spirits Competition 2020

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