Already unfashionable bags and how to replace them

In every woman’s wardrobe there are things that throw a pity, but the wear does not want.

Вже немодні сумки і чим їх замінити

And this applies not only to all kinds of blouses or worn shoes, but that such essential accessory, like a handbag. It is no secret that well-chosen bag will become an indispensable part of the basic wardrobe that can help to make dull image bright note and just becomes a useful “carrier” all sorts of women’s stuff, without which from home or foot, reports Rus.Media.

We will tell you about the fashion trends handbags spring-summer season that will help in 2018 to look like a cover.

Вже немодні сумки і чим їх замінити

Straw bag

If earlier similar styles of handbags could only be seen on the beach today with a straw accessory is not ashamed, even on the red carpet to appear. Woven bags — a top trend 2018, as found in almost all fashion collections.

Basket weaving has a preference for designers Giorgio Armani, Michael Kors and fashion house Miu Miu. Gentle bag-basket, decorated with colorful tape, or buy a bag of straw bag is appropriate to emphasize a new spring dress, or make the flavor in a casual street look. Bags for the summer.

Вже немодні сумки і чим їх замінити

Brown leather

It is not strange, but the brown color appears in the new collections of accessories of almost all famous designers. Whether it is a crossbody bag, clutch bag or, for example, the urban backpack is made in this color, the product will clearly stand out against others.

And let this accessory seems very reserved, he will be a wonderful basic thing in the closet! And all sorts of chains, zippers or tassels on the decorating bags will give the image of femininity and coquetry.

Вже немодні сумки і чим їх замінити

Miniature bags

This season size matters! In 2018, the designers chose to reduce the usual us models of bags to nearly microscopic size, and the smaller, the better. And let in this bag you can only fit a lipstick and your phone, it looks very stylish, goes well with the images in casual style and boho favorite.

Вже немодні сумки і чим їх замінити

Waist bags

Earlier, the belt bags could be seen only from sellers in the market, currency dealers or conductors on public transport. Time goes by, fashion changes, well, belt bags become the most popular accessory of this year.

And if this accessory was considered a sign slidenote and bad taste, today this attribute of the female wardrobe has changed beyond recognition, was elegant and stylish, but it has not lost its original purpose, namely, remained the same convenient and practical.

Вже немодні сумки і чим їх замінити

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In the spring and summer collections fringe is used almost everywhere — on clothes, shoes and accessories. Interestingly, the style and size bags with fringe are not particularly important, because the fringe looks like a tiny clutch bags, and tail bags-operah.

Fringe can be made from the same material as the bag itself, and may have a different texture. The length of the fringe also varies, but most often in 2018 can be found in the accessories with long voluminous fringe, which is usually more than the bags.

Вже немодні сумки і чим їх замінити

Reptile skin

Last year it fashion bags made from Python. In this season fashion catwalks took the accessories from crocodile skin are totally different shades and styles. Bags made of crocodile skin comfortable, moderately hard, suitable for a business lady, and more uninhibited ladies. Look especially stylish square handbag, tote or satchel model in a box.

Вже немодні сумки і чим їх замінити

Striped print

Dresses and blouses, stripes have always been, but bags with a striped pattern will not meet so often. And if you have not yet acquired such a playful accessory, rather, consider this stylish purchase. This bag will fit perfectly in any closet and perfect for any shoes, the main thing — to choose a colour of shoes that harmonizes with one of the stripes on the bag. A Must-have!

Вже немодні сумки і чим їх замінити

Round shape

Not the most practical style of bag, but so stylish! Accessories round or semicircular shape — a real hit of spring-summer season of 2018. Fashion is like plain colors and bright abstract prints. And the materials these bags also are full of variety: leather, plastic, straw, felt. We recommend you to buy this model for those who used to attract attention.

Вже немодні сумки і чим їх замінити

In 2018, the designers give fashionistas the freedom of choice and allow you to experiment as you like. To walk the streets with a wicker basket, put a leather bag on your belt or even take a few at a time — it’s up to you! But we know, handbags in women’s wardrobe does not happen much…

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