Alsace: Scam and flights to be able to redo the breasts

Alsace: Scam and flights in order to rebuild the breasts (figure) — Pixabay

Be re-doing the breasts may be, the attitude of a saint, certainly not. A young woman, a native of Guebwiller (Haut-Rhin), aged 24 years, was ready to do anything to be able to afford a new chest, tells the Alsace.

It piochait in the bag of his co-worker

For the purpose of financing the operation of aesthetic surgery of breast augmentation, the young prevented a particular scammed his company of falsifying a work stoppage and flying checks in the purse of his colleague

She was sentenced on Wednesday by the correctional court of Mulhouse, a three-month suspended prison sentence, € 500 fine and a refund of his former employer still reports the daily newspaper in alsace.

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