Also a history of containment

Aussi une histoire de confinement

Who will dare to say now that the adaptation will, of course, when the newspaper switches without warning ? The story of a post-partum depression, suddenly assumes a different dimension…

It’s crazy how the time that we are going through are see things differently.

So this book Emily Choquet, his first, titled A space between your hands. It recounts, in a manner barely fictionalized, the post-partum depression experienced by the author and which turned to psychosis.

At its January release, the story has been praised because it described what live hard some women after childbirth, but that is never spoken about. Emilia Choquet delivers finely into question the dogma of the new mom too.

But even if the writing is very controlled, it remains that the theme of the book was likely to be of interest to a readership limited.

Today, it is the other thing that strikes you in the narrative of Choquet. It says at the bottom, it is a story of containment.

It starts from the most classic of ways, the one that all the young parents have lived, and especially the mothers : the life before that disappears, the benchmarks out-of-balance, the existence of reduced gestures the most common and limited to the four walls of his house.


As soon as the second page of the text, there is : “”6: 12 a.m., I eat grapes.” I note in my diary […]. Eat of the grapes. This is now worthy to be recorded, reported, archived, in this Tuesday specific. ”

It tells you something ?

Throughout the text, the narrator addresses his ” dear me of the old days “, who had plans, who thought to control everything, and that now no longer see how life can resume normally. The parallel with what happens to us all becomes fascinating.

The fate of the narrator, however, will switch in most severe condition that the only sensation of an everyday life reduced to its simplest expression (” Feed. Walk. Sleep. “). In his case, there will be a real feeling of disconnection with the real, well-spoken, which would lead to a psychiatrist.

It will eventually be hospitalized for a few days, the time, as he said to the doctor, to fill the space opened for it between its perception and reality.

But to be locked up in his head, even with the support of a spouse loving, is this not another way of being confined ?

All this is told without pathos, with an economy of words that enhances the impact. The story is even tinged with humor. So when the narrator lists the demanding books that she would read during her maternity leave !

In fact, you walk between the end of the pregnancy, the birth, the return to the house with the small G. then the hospitalization of the mother, which does in fact accentuate the contrasts between the expectations and the harsh reality. Even when we eventually do.

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