Alternative strategies

Stratégies alternatives

When the fish aren’t biting, do you feel comfortable going out of your comfort zone and opt for other approaches ?

When the target species are active, they usually attack our offerings without too much fuss. In many cases, even if the presentation is slightly sloppy or gross, the predators, the intercept with the mouth wide open. If they are moody, we must refine our techniques, otherwise we risk coming back empty-handed. Then, when the target fish are amorphous or
sulky, you really need to be resourceful and finesse to successfully make them react.

At the base

Some anglers mistakenly believe that the predators soar only on their offerings when they are hungry and they want to fill the belly. Be aware that they run also on your decoys to protect jealously their territory or to prove their superiority when they feel provoked. In some situations, where you can find several congeners hunting, it seems to install a certain competition between the specimens. It is often the case for gold. Some of them must necessarily take chances and be bold in order to pass in front of the other members of the group in order to capture their fooding. Finally, in the spring, there is the bass that will defend the body and soul of their nest in order to prevent an attacker from vienna to devour their offspring.

Brook trout

The speckled trout is the most popular species of the belle province. The editing, the most popular followers is without a doubt composed of a metal spoon, a bottom line and a worm on the ground. For some, there is no other viable approach or can generate equally good results. It is true that this presentation has been proven millions of times since the last few decades. What happens, however, when it does not work that way ? Does it mean that there is no other way to get the reactions you want ? The answer is obviously negative.

On the occasion, a simple correction at the level of the speed of recovery or the depth exploited will be able to correct the situation. If, on the other hand, you perceive the fish tickling her without getting caught, you should change the length of the bottom line, the size of the wire or of the hook used. Even if these interactions demonstrate a certain interest of the char, there is something that slows down their momentum.

The metal spoon generates reflections and vibrations that attract the attention. In some cases, the problem might be the size, the basic colour, the predominant colour, etc, just the opportunity to experiment, to try something other than our favorite models. The small soft lures, mini crankbaits, flies, artificial, etc, then might help you obtain the success expected.


The second species, the most coveted is sometimes incredibly easy to catch, and, on other occasions, very temperamental.

The migrations undertaken by these perch push the shallow waters, after mating in spring, to the transitional areas, the structures and the shallows.

In the beginning of the season, if you have completed a twenty or thirty passes at the drags with a fish-swimmer without having received the bite, it is time to opt for a different model, color, shape, size, or even different actions. Leverage some strata of shallow water before you venture out to the first cliffs by remembering that the depth and the execution speed are often the two factors responsible for your success.

The fishing jig with a flexible lure will help you to responsive to all the rest of the year.
Choose the heads sealed on the lightest possible that you will, however, be perfectly jigger to the vertical. Vary the amalgam of colors and shapes until you find something that you like.

The walker background combined with a devon or a harness with worm or leech is another great way to reach your purposes. The size of the ballast and the length of the separating of the offering will also be the factors that may have some impact on your results.

Do you not venture

At Hydro-Québec, we would like to remind anglers that there is a real danger to approach the hydroelectric facilities. “In 2018, close to our amenities at Pointe-des-Cascades, two fishermen drowned,” says the spokesperson Francis Labbé. Each year, fishermen and boats venturing inside the security perimeters, that we délimitons by booms. This is a very bad idea, because it is very dangerous. In 2019, we had to ask to about 3000 people away from our properties and our facilities. A dozen boats were really ventured too near the development of Carillon. In the last few days, fishermen have been able to circumvent our security measures to go fishing too close to the central Carillon. People need to understand that we don’t do that by pleasure : it is very dangerous to approach our facilities, both upstream and downstream, ” says Francis Labbé.

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