Aluminum: “have a negative impact on both sides of the border,” says Quebec

Aluminium: «des retombées négatives des deux côtés de la frontière», estime Québec

QUEBEC – The government Legault promised on Friday to “vigorously defend” the interests of the aluminium industry, a sector which supports nearly 30,000 jobs in Québec.

In the aftermath of the announcement of a tax, as of 16 August, a surcharge of 10% on canadian exports of aluminum in the United States, two ministers from the government of Quebec said “take note of this decision”, while regretting its negative effects on both sides of the border.

Quebec is unjustified, the introduction of such a measure, and was assured that she will do anything to protect the jobs of québec smelters.

“We intend to protect our sector of the aluminium, which employs approximately 30 000 workers, and it is for this reason that we encourage Canada to impose countermeasures,” said the minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon.

Her colleague Nadine Girault, international Relations, spoke of “a step backward, especially in the context of the entry into force, on 1 July last, of the new economic agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico”.

The government Legault recalled that the province of Québec has nine aluminum smelters belonging to three major groups, namely Alcoa, Alouette and Rio Tinto. In addition, approximately 2.8 million tonnes of aluminium are produced annually by the sector quebec primary aluminum, which represents 90% of canadian production.

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