Always possible to track down the King of our forests

Always possible to track down the King of our forests

Despite the measures announced Monday by the government, the moose hunting season continues. The amateurs who have stays to live will be able to do so.

“I asked the question directly during the meeting we had before the announcements and the answer was clear, the hunting season is continuing,” explained the Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, Mr. Pierre. From the oven. It was chosen to do so because last spring, when we were going through an intensive period of the pandemic, there were no contamination or other problems with hunters and fishing enthusiasts. So the record is clear, the season continues. However, do not forget that you must follow the measures put forward by Public Health, which must be adopted at all times. Wearing a mask, social distancing and hand disinfection are essential. It is a responsibility that falls on all hunters, if the season is to continue.


As of this writing, there is no restriction on moving from one area to another. On Monday, at the press briefing, Mr. Legault was very specific: “There is no ban, but we recommend avoiding it”. Check made yesterday with officials of the Sûreté du Québec, for the moment, there is no ban on driving to get to his hunting camp. Thus, hunters from Quebec who have planned a hunting excursion in Charlevoix can go there as planned. Same thing if you go to Bas-Saint-Laurent or Saguenay – Lac Saint-Jean. A word of advice, however, is to do all your shopping before you go and avoid stopping on the way. If you have to, take the time to properly apply the sanitary measures, twice rather than once. For the facilities that are in the red zone, it is clear that if you had all planned to stay in a single chalet, there you will have to find a solution. People living under the same roof can stay in the chalet and for others there might be an alternative such as adding a caravan next to the chalet. The people who live there must also be people who live under the same roof. Everyone could live in their things and go on their hunting excursion. In this specific case, however, there are grounds for questioning. We talked a lot yesterday about private residences, but nothing about chalets in the forest. There is something to be mixed up with. Nothing was mentioned for tourist facilities and the hotels remained open.


More and more moose hunters are seized with fever. They are tens of thousands who will invade the forest for a second very important wave of the season, where we can hunt with firearms. During the last few days, the temperature has been rather mild, even hot for this time of year. Contrary to what many believe, this will not prevent moose from having their mating season. It's all a question of the length of the day. It is when the days get shorter, when the daylight decreases, that the signal is given in moose.

If it is very hot, the difference is that the animals will move very early in the morning and late in the day, while the heat will not overwhelm them too much. So you have to be in post very early. As soon as the temperature returns to normal for the fall season, the moose will move throughout the day. The level of the moose population is very high in Quebec. In recent years, the success rates have increased significantly. This fall, we are experiencing a season when the harvest of adult female, with a few exceptions such as in the territory of the Seigneurie de Beaupré, is not permitted. We must therefore expect that there will be a decrease compared to the results of the 2019 hunting season. Last year, 26,262 animals were recorded, ie 10,403 females, 13,601 males and 2,258 calves. To get an idea of what to expect, we must therefore consult the statistics for 2018. In total, 19,860 animals have been recorded. This number is divided into 2,738 females, 14,422 males and 2,700 calves. Moose hunting in Quebec represents millions of dollars in economic benefits for several regions. During a stay in Gaspésie, a grocer from a small village told me that if there was no hunting, he would close his doors.

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