always the “resourceful” for events in Lyon

    always the “resourceful” for events in Lyon

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    © Barbara Tournaire – Virginie Mathiolon, Managing Director of Prisme Consulting in Lyon.

    4,500 events canceled in France, 3,000 postponed… The events industry, in Lyon as elsewhere, is also one of the sectors most affected by the crisis. The Union des Métiers de l’Europe (Unimev) thus estimates the impact of the coronavirus on its activities at 15 billion euros.

    In Lyon, the Prisme Consulting agency shows a loss of 90% of turnover in the event segment, one of the most affected by the crisis linked to Covid-19. “Outside the Covid period, we organized between one and three events per month. Since January, we have only organized two…”, summarizes Virginie Mathiolon, Managing Director of Prisme Consulting.

    The Lyon leader admits that she found herself helpless when she questioned her insurance to enforce her civil liability contract regarding the cancellations of cascading events for which she had paid down payments for the reservation of places and made her teams work as well. as external providers (for an amount estimated at 200,000 euros, editor’s note).

    “I was able to collect some advances but not all”

    “I was told to negotiate certain repayments directly with them. I was able to collect some advances but not all. The events that are being set up involve many other structures with which we are ultimately interdependent.” With its status as a technical design office, Prisme Consulting was not affected by administrative closures and therefore could not benefit from aid.

    Capitalizing on the success of major past events, such as Euro 2016 for which it has managed 51 events and more than 600 artists across France, Prisme Consulting has been able to do its bit since March. “Nevertheless, this crisis should allow us to reinvent ourselves, we are currently developing the segment of digital and graphic strategy for our customers and we need to invest”.

    The agency has also joined the Lyon collective Event Again which brings together other professionals in the sector and which aims to help and advise professionals but also to make its voice heard with local elected officials for the maintenance of event activities.

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