Amazing facts about esco nipples that you just didn’t know

10 facts about esco chest.

Дивовижні факти про жіночи соски, які ти точно не знала

1. The nipples develop in the embryo even before the genitals, both in men and women, reports Rus.Media.

2. Nipples and areola can be absolutely any color and size.

3. Nipples are one of the strongest erogenous zone. During stimulation of the nipples in the brain are activated the same areas, and during stimulation of the clitoris and vagina. Touching only the breast, you can even have an orgasm!

4. White bumps on the aureole of the nipple are called Montgomery glands and they are totally safe. The liquid inside them is designed to lubricate the areola of the nipple, as well as those women who many of them start easier to breastfeed.

5. When training your nipples can hurt because if you have this risk, apply beforehand vaseline or cream.

6. There are people with three or four extra nipples. This anomaly is more common in men than in women.

7. A couple of dark hairs on the areola is normal.

8. 10-20% of women nipples would be drawn in because their milk ducts a little shorter than usual, and they don’t give lactating nipples puff up.

9. Nipple piercing increases the risk of scarring, infection, mastitis, rejection of the jewelry.

10. Watch for changes in the shape of the nipples if they start to hurt or itch, go to mammologu.

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