Amazing scientists found bacteria that could survive on Mars

Ученые нашли удивительные бактерии, которые смогут выжить даже на Марсе

An international group of scientists said that they have found microbes that can survive in toxic streams on the surface of Mars. In addition, as reported according to researchers, these same germs can also survive on Enceladus, Europe and possibly other celestial bodies of the Solar system.

“Our experiments show that the presence of toxic perchlorates in the soil of Mars does not necessarily indicate that life is not there. Bacteria, as it turns out, can grow even in very strong “brines” to the tenth part consisting of perchlorates. On Mars ten times less,” — said one of the researchers Jacob Heinz.

Reports in the study, researchers grew the bacteria that was found in the subglacial lakes of the Arctic and Antarctic, in solutions containing various salts, including toxic perchlorates, regular soda, chlorides of calcium and magnesium. The researchers sought to find out whether the bacteria survive in such conditions, and if you can, what salt concentration will keep them alive.

As a result, scientists were able to establish that such conditions can survive at least one terrestrial bacteria – a microbe Planococcus halocryophilus, whose colonies were found in the deposits of permafrost in Canada about six years ago.

Thus, the bacteria survive in low temperatures, around -30 degrees Celsius, and for solutions of the perchlorate levels of the survival was the lowest among all. As stress researchers, in order to reduce the freezing point of the solution, the dose of perchlorate, it must be at least 50%, so low bacterial survival in such conditions is not surprising.

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