Amazon creates a laboratory to detect the coronavirus among its employees

Amazon crée un laboratoire pour dépister le coronavirus chez ses employés

New York | The giant of online commerce Amazon claims to have created its own laboratory to test its u.s. employees to the new coronavirus, on a background of growing concern about their health.

The group, which employed 750,000 people at the beginning of the year in the world before you inflate its workforce to meet the surge in demand, said it has strengthened its capacity to achieve screening.

“Employees of Amazon with different skills – research scientists, program managers, procurement specialists, computer engineers – have held daily employment to join a team dedicated to this initiative,” said the group in a post to the blog Thursday evening.

“We have started to assemble the necessary equipment to build our first lab and we hope to soon begin testing a small number of our employees in direct contact with the public,” he added.

Amazon was said to have made this decision due to a shortage of tests to confirm the infection and for fear that employees asymptomatic spread of the disease.

“If every person, including people without symptoms, could be regularly tested, it would make a huge difference in how we fight this virus,” said Amazon.

“Those who are tested positive would be quarantined, and we could take care of them, and all those who are tested negative could re-enter the economy with confidence,” suggested the Seattle giant.

Cases of employees positive to the COVID-19 have been identified in several warehouses of Amazon. In response, employees of the group have held protests and walkouts to demand a higher level of security.

Amazon has begun to measure the temperature of its employees and to distribute masks last week.

The temperature controls could be extended to the entire network of Amazon in the United States and Europe, including the supermarket chain Whole Foods Market.

In march, the group, headed by Jeff Bezos has said they want to employ 100,000 people and invest $ 350 million to help its employees and its partners during the pandemic.

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