Amazon does suspend the mégacontrat the Pentagon, assigned to Microsoft

Amazon fait suspendre le mégacontrat du Pentagone attribué à Microsoft

| SAN FRANCISCO-A u.s. federal court has ordered Thursday the Pentagon to suspend the implementation of the mégacontrat of online data storage of 10 billion dollars, including the attribution to Microsoft at the end of October is strongly opposed by Amazon.

The giant of online commerce, the world market leader in the cloud, has filed a complaint, accusing president Donald Trump to have influenced the decision of the ministry of Defence without any consideration for the arguments, goals, which, according to him, leaning heavily in his favour, whether in terms of experience or technology.

Thursday, a judge in the us has granted Amazon a temporary injunction, thus prohibiting the Pentagon to move forward on this contract, according to a summary of the legal documents available online.

“We are disappointed by this additional delay, but we think that in the end we will be able to go ahead and do the work necessary to ensure that those who serve our country can use new technologies they need, urgently,” responded Frank Shaw, corporate vice president of Microsoft, responsible for communication.

“We have confidence in the ministry of Defence, and we believe that the facts will show that it has conducted a process of assigning detailed, substantiated and fair to reach the conclusion that Microsoft’s best responded to the needs of combatants,” he added.

The contract, JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure), which extends over a period of ten years, aims to modernise the entire computer systems of the u.s. armed forces in a system run by artificial intelligence.

From the month of November, Amazon said it has notified a court of his intent to challenge the way the tender was managed. This week, the group is attacked directly to the u.s. president and other senior officials of the ministry, demanding that they be explained in person on this assignment.

“The president, Trump has demonstrated many times his willingness to use his quality of chief of the Armed forces to interfere with governmental functions, including the awarding of federal contracts, for personal use,” said Monday a spokesman for the division Amazon Web Services (AWS).

He referred in particular to comments reported by James Mattis. The former united states secretary of Defence had indicated that Donald Trump had told him to “send feed Amazon” during a discussion on this contract.

Jeff Bezos, boss of Amazon, is the frequent target of virus attacks on the part of the republican president, especially because of its investment in the Washington Post, one of the newspapers among the most critical of Mr. Trump and his government.

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