Amazon hiring 175 000 employees and réautorise soon the products “non-essential”

Amazon embauche 175 000 salariés et réautorise bientôt les produits «non essentiels»

Amazon wants to recruit 75 000 people in the United States, in addition to the 100,000 new recruits in the last month, and is expected to again allow third parties to sell certain products to non-essential, to cope with the influx of online orders since the beginning of the pandemic Covid-19.

“We continue to see demand rise (…) and we will create 75 000 jobs to help serve our customers during this unprecedented period,” says Amazon in a press release published on Monday.

The giant of e-commerce, which is struggling to meet the demand of many people confined to their homes and see its delivery times lengthen, is in need of new employees in its warehouses and logistics centers, as well as new drivers.

As the group prepares to reauthorize the products that are less essential. It’s been almost a month, Amazon has decided to give priority to medical facilities, protective health, and to the products of first necessity.

“Later this week we will allow more products in our logistics centres,” said a spokesperson of the company to the AFP.

“Quantities will be limited so as to continue to give preference to certain products and to protect our employees, while allowing most of our partners use our warehouses “.

The double announcement comes as millions of people have lost their jobs because of the containment measures.

Unemployment has exploded in the United States. These past three weeks, nearly 17 million people have filled a folder of applications for unemployment benefits.

“We know that many people have been economically affected by the job cuts or have been made unemployed in the sectors of hotel, catering and tourism,” says Amazon in its press release.

“We invite any unemployed person to join us until the situation returns to normal, and that their former employer can re-employ “.

Amazon, which employed nearly 800,000 people in the beginning of the year in the world before you inflate its workforce to meet the surge in demand, also wants to devote an additional $ 150 million to increase wages of its employees during the crisis, in addition to the 350 million already announced in mid-march.

The group of Jeff Bezos has faced several protests in recent weeks, employees accusing him of not doing enough to protect them against the virus.

The company said it has strengthened its resources to strengthen the health rules, starting in particular to measure the temperature of its employees and providing them with masks.

Such as Amazon, several large distribution groups are engaged in massive campaigns of recruitment, like supermarkets, Walmart (+150 000 positions) or of the platform deliveries Instacart (+300 000 positions).

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