Amazon is launching a grocery cart, smart

Amazon lance un chariot d’épicerie intelligent

| SAN FRANCISCO-Amazon announced on Tuesday that it has started a grocery cart, which allows customers to avoid queues at the checkout.

The latest innovation of Amazon to purchase without the caisse comes as traders strive to continue their activity while reducing the risk of contamination with the novel coronavirus.

Dash Carts that uses sensors and embedded cameras to read the prices of the products will make his debut in a grocery store, Amazon, which should open its doors in southern California towards the end of the year.

“It is a cart intelligent which makes for very fast runs to avoid the queues at the cashier “, said the american giant, which owns the chain of stores, Whole Foods.

“When you have finished your shopping, you simply exit by way of devoted to Amazon Dash Cart, and the invoice is sent to you by e-mail “, he added.

To use such a basket, the buyer has need of a smartphone on which it is to install the Amazon application that scans the QR code of the products, and then charge the amount of races on the credit card, explained the company.

Earlier this year, Amazon began to offer its technology “just walk out” to other traders in order to encourage the use of the system of sale without cash.

“The technology Just Walk Out allows customers to simply enter a store, take what they want and get out,” assured Amazon.

Amazon has already opened more than 20 convenience stores Amazon Go using this system in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

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