Amazon launched into the video game AAA with Crucible

Amazon se lance dans le jeu vidéo AAA avec Crucible

Amazon has displayed its ambitions in terms of video games, big-budget, with the launch Wednesday of the Crucible.

This shooting game and third-person action, in which the download is free, but charges apply for some content, is the first production major Amazon Game Studios. The title intends to compete with safe values, such as Fortnite, developed by studio Epic Games, League of Legends (Riot Games), or Overwatch (Blizzard).

The Seattle giant is also working on the development of a multiplayer online game, based on the saga the Lord of The rings.

Amazon has shown its ambitions in the field of video game, as of 2014, by buying Twitch, the hugely popular streaming platform for video games live. Announced by as early as 2016, Crucible is described by its creators as ” a shooting game and action free in a team in which your choices are critical. ”

“Your teammates and you have to defeat all of the huge alien creatures, achieve goals and chase down your enemies to win “, can we also read about the platform download Steam.

The pandemic of Covid-19 and the “Great confinement” have strengthened the interest of the giants of the tech industry is very lucrative in the video game.

Google offers promotions for its gaming service video streaming Stadia, launched last November, and Facebook has released an application to follow live games.

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