Amazon suspended the head of its studios accused of sexual harassment

The head of Amazon Studios Roy Price has been suspended after accusations of sexual harassment by a producer, on October 13, 2017. — Richard Shotwell/AP/SIPA

This is the end of the omerta in the United States. Amazon has suspended Thursday the head of its subsidiary dedicated to movies and series, accused of sexual harassment by a producer at a time when Hollywood was engaged in a grand unpacking on the practices of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry.

Suspended Amazon executive Roy Price, and Harvey Weinstein together at Park Hyatt Hotel on June 6, 2017 in New York City.

— Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) October 13, 2017
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Suggestions obscene in a taxi going to a party

Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios, ” is on leave with immediate effect “, said a spokesman for the american giant of online distribution. This decision followed an interview given to the weekly The Hollywood Reporter by Isa Hackett, executive producer for the series The man in the high castle (The man in The high castle) which was broadcast on the platform of video on demand of Amazon. She claims to have received a number of times, during an evening in July 2015, advances on the part of Roy Price, 51 years of age.

Daughter of the writer Philip K. Dick, author of the novel which the series is adapted, Isa Hackett complains that the head of Amazon to have in a first time referred to the suggestions obscene in a taxi driving to this party. It would then, according to the interview, persisted in his advances even though the producer had clearly expressed his lack of interest, being a lesbian, married and the mother of the family.

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Amazon accused of closing the eyes

Isa Hackett, aged 50 years, claims to have discussed the behavior of Roy Prince with leaders of Amazon Studios. An investigation would have been launched but she has never known the conclusions. This accusation echoes the criticisms made on Twitter by the actress Rose McGowan , the president and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos. According to it, the company has ignored when it was accused of rape Harvey Weinstein, the mogul of Hollywood in the heart of a massive sex scandal. The company indicated that it was ” studying its options for the ongoing projects with The Weinstein Company. “