Amber Heard has simulated bruises to the face, according to a friend of Depp

Amber Heard a simulé des contusions au visage, selon un ami de Depp

Actress Amber Heard has simulated bruises to the face to blackmail her ex-husband Johnny Depp in their divorce, said Friday a long-time friend of the hollywood star at the trial in defamation in London’s tabloid The Sun.

The star of the “pirates of the Caribbean” continues from last week the tabloid british The Sun and its publisher NGN before the High court of London to be presented as a proven fact, in April 2018, he was an abusive husband, he denies with force.

Since their divorce in 2017 after two years of marriage, stormy, Johnny Depp, 57 years of age, and the actress Amber Heard, 34 years, accusing each other of violence.

According to the testimony of Johnny Depp, who has been questioned for several days on his consumption of drugs and alcohol, testimonies of employees of the actor have called into question the credibility of Amber Heard.

On the ninth day of the hearing Friday, the artist Isaac Baruch, his friend for 40 years, said that the bruises of Amber Heard, including red marks around the eye, visible on the photos published in the press in 2016, were false.

“She has filed a fraudulent claim for domestic violence (…) to make it sing through with the divorce “, he said, interviewed by videoconference from Los Angeles.

Baruch explained to have seen the actress in the aftermath of an incident in may 2016, during which Johnny Depp has, according to her, launched a mobile phone in the face.

It was “30 centimetres” but has noticed that “not a single blue” or ” redness “: “nothing “. He said be sure to “100%” that she was wearing no makeup.

According to the lawyers of Johnny Depp, the photo has been retouched.

Sasha Wass, defending NGN, attempted to pass Isaac Baruch for a witness to be unreliable, living in the square brackets of Johnny Depp, who stayed free of charge, and has given him tens of thousands of dollars.

She presented an audio recording, not dated, in which the actress stated to one of his employees to have “hidden” his bruises.

Amber Heard this in the hearings, will give his version of the facts from Monday, when the third and last week of the trial.

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