Amélie Panneton puts his little wool on the distress of the world

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In contact with the basic goodness of the human in a situation of humanitarian crisis, Amélie Panneton relativize a bit the ugliness of the world.

On the other side of the fiction. During the Holidays, The Duty part in the meeting of writers earning their crust in the jobs rather distant from the literature. In appearance.

“The more it goes, the less I have of certainties. It is pernicious, because the more I advance in life, the less I am convinced I know what I’m talking about, ” says Amélie Panneton in laughing at the end of an hour of conversation. This does not mean that we should doubt the capacity of the writer to carry out its “job day” with emergency management, the canadian Red Cross. On the contrary.


“In fact, I say that it is pernicious, but I think that it is especially healthier to have more and more doubts, she says. It helps me a lot, as a writer and at work, never take it for granted that I already know what someone is going to tell me when he opens his mouth or that I know always the best way to solve a problem. “


This year, during which politicians, journalists and users of social networks have often played in ” my menterie is more real than yours “, none of the novel will have deconstructed it with as much grace and finesse that Little wool (Editions of Your Mother) this idea is both worn down to the frame, and too hardy that there is in this tumultuous world is only one truth.

Sometimes you would try to define the regions of Quebec by the best of what they have to offer
Amélie Panneton

In a not so distant future, three watches ladies remember, at the request of a young researcher, how they have invented the knitted graffiti, this practice of cover for protest the urban furniture of gigantic scarves, and other works-based son. The transcript of their interviews will reveal different versions of the same shared flat, lived with a fourth friend of the motivations spectacularly élusives.


“The memory, it is still a fiction or a lie” sums up the novelist and short story writer (The discreet charm of the coffee filter, 2011), a finding that applies also to the constructions that are sets ourselves, about other people, in spite of the benevolence of the world. From December 2015 to march 2016, Amélie Panneton works for the Red Cross at the home of 11 000 syrian refugees. “These are moments where all these prejudices that we don’t even know that it has burst, because it is in front of people who have exactly the same needs that we would have if we were in this situation “, explains that, at 31 years old, now occupies the position of assistant director of the planning and development of operational capabilities for the management of emergencies for the canadian Red Cross, Quebec division.


“We received so many well-off families who already spoke French families with eleven children who came from the countryside and who had taken the plane without shoes. So, what it brought me, this is a better understanding of the complexity of what it is, Syria. “Then how to combine the word “truth” other than in the plural ?


The other silent majority


Although born in Quebec, Amélie Panneton spent his childhood in the north of New Brunswick. It becomes very early a “reader really voracious” and, like many girls of her generation, is current on LiveJournal a few fragments of fiction intimate during the adolescent years. Why choose the international studies (ibc), and urban studies (masters), rather than those in the literature ?


Because ” reading and writing are solitary activities, and [that] I’m already a lot lonely. I had the taste of it out of me, to study something that would allow me to meet people, discover things different from what is found in the books “. She added that she always wanted to ” make a positive contribution to the balance of the world.”


The former position she held at the Red Cross has helped coordinate teams of volunteers in the Outaouais, Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Laurentides regions. Your house goes on fire, or is flooded, and you have nowhere to go, nothing to eat, nothing to cover you ? They are the ones that will provide you with what take good.


“I was very reassured about the basic goodness of the human,” stresses Amélie. Work alongside volunteers who give their time to help people they don’t even know, that relativizes a bit of the ugliness of the world. “


A meeting of the true (!) Québec, to which could not survive the binarity corny thinking is appealing, but inaccurate, attempting to oppose the parts of the city. “We often talk of the silent majority and there is a majority that is effectively silent in Quebec, but which is well intentioned and who would need to hear more inspirational speeches “, which was released in September, her first novel for teens, As the heat of a camp fire (Hurtubise).


“During the reception of syrian refugees, there were in Montreal volunteers from all over Quebec who came to lend a hand, and not just people in large urban centres who had already rubbed shoulders with immigrants from the Middle East. One remembers that the reception of refugees has been very controversial, that there has been hints of xenophobia, and it is important to name these things, but it could also sometimes try to define the regions of Quebec by the best of what they have to offer. “


What it takes to live


In the Face of real problems, and falling on those who Cross Red door rescue, the literature could look like a futile exercise. But ? “But this is a false dichotomy,” notes Amélie Panneton. “In fact, I don’t even know if “practical” is a word that I like. The problems that I help solve, these are problems immediately grasped, but it would be huge that it would cause other problems of not having access to the item it really is not That vain to start things in the world that are just a little to the side of the usual patterns of the world of work and money. “


“We see it in all emergency operations,” she concluded. Once the basic needs are assured, that the people have what they need to survive, quickly we think about what we need to really live. “


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