America warned Zelensky, and he will have to make a choice…

About meaningful speech, U.S. Ambassador Taylor

Америка предупредила Зеленского, и ему придется делать выбор...

Golovachev Andrei

Zelensky was warned

Nervous behavior Kolomoisky, his crazy thoughts about the restoration of relations with Russia and the severance of relations with the United States, is easily explained , if you read the transcript of the interrogation of the US Ambassador in Ukraine Mr. Taylor ( pictured) as part of the procedure impkmentation

In particular, he said the following:

“It’s one of the problems that I have several times very clearly expressed to the President Zelensky and his team, saying that, you know, Mr. President, you have chosen. Kolomoisky didn’t choose. He Kolomoisky, increases its influence on your government and this can lead to your downfall.”

So, Zelensky made it clear that he will be forced to leave early, if you do not break relationship with Kolomoisky. It is known that when the Americans make an offer, it is not customary to refuse. In Ukraine not accepted.

By the way, how is superimposed on the words of Taylor present an ultimatum to the ATO veterans Zelensky about Kolomoisky.

Well, another 2-3 months Zelensky will be able to fool around, to come up with any performances, but soon the seat will start to tear. Will either take the CPI, or to prepare for early release things .

My point of view, readers know that Zelensky will leave early and suddenly after the extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada, which will be held next year.
After early retirement Zelensky Kolomoisky will be easy to finish. First and foremost the United States. And he is well aware. This simple logic helps to explain all of his current nervous behavior.

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