American F-16 fighter fell to the warehouse in California (VIDEO)

Американский истребитель F-16 упал на склад в Калифорнии (ВИДЕО)

F-16 fighter, the U.S. air force Thursday fell on a warehouse in California.The plane crashed into a building while returning to a military base, according to

The incident occurred at about 15:45 local time in riverside County. According to eyewitnesses, before falling the plane turned on its side.

The pilot managed to eject shortly before the fall. He later told me that reported to the base about the problems with the hydraulics. On Board the plane had ammunition, but they did not detonate in the crash.

The accident injured 12 people. Three of them were assisted on the spot, others, including the pilot, were hospitalized. Currently, their life threatens nothing.

Local law enforcement officers cordoned off the scene. The investigation continues.