American made cat, “the Iron throne”

Американка сделала для своего кота «Железный трон»

Hack is clearly reminiscent of the throne from “Game of thrones”, and the owner posotive that the cat really considers itself the owner of the house

An American armed with an old cardboard box in which the cat is Arthur used to lie before, and made a real throne for the animal, the newspaper reports Boredpanda.

The owner of the cat Ellie Gibson decided to make her 17-year-old pet and inspired by the TV series “Game of thrones” made him an unusual chair from scrap materials.

“Cat Arthur has just received his own iron throne and it was better than the finale of the eighth season,” he joked at Boredpanda.

According to the owner, the viral photo did not affect the life of the pet. “He is definitely the head of the house, so it’s appropriate. We have two large dogs, and they submit to Arthur,” – said Emily.

Also, she said that a clear plan she had. Starting with a simple box, she initially carved swords, and then the base beneath, which created chronopoulou form.

Американка сделала для своего кота «Железный трон»

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