American pick from the idols of Easter island nose, destroying them

Любители селфи ковыряют у идолов острова Пасхи в носу, разрушая их

The famous statues of Easter island destroyed for selfie lovers, “”. Giant multi-ton moai statues – the most popular attraction of the island, in Polynesia, and every year the number of tourists is growing. However, scientists raised the alarm because of the disrespectful attitude of people to the idols that had been worshipped by the islanders.

According to the American archaeologist Jo Anne van Tilburg, tourists for the sake of good pictures ready to climb on the sacred statues of the Polynesians, I chop them and even pick your nose idol. Because of this, the idols die.

“I am studying Easter island for nearly 40 years, but such a disrespect to stories from travelers had not seen before. These statues are sacred to the local actually perpetuated the memory of their ancestors and relations with the gods” – said the scientist.

According to her, the impression that tourists visit historical monuments not in order to gain new knowledge, and to make selfi on the background.

According to the latest data, there are over 900 moai statues. They are made of compressed volcanic ash. Presumably, the natives of the island built stone statues between 1250 and 1500 years. According to legend, the moai are fraught with the spirit of the ancestors of the first king of the island – HOTA Matua.