American scientists have discovered in Ecuador snakes with amazing features

Американские ученые обнаружили в Эквадоре змей с удивительными особенностями

The American researchers from the natural history Museum in new York opened in Ecuador, five species of snakes that feed on snails, literally by sucking them from the shell.

In detail, scientists have described a new species in the journal ZooKeys.

Американские ученые обнаружили в Эквадоре змей с удивительными особенностями

Discovered snakes are big snakes and feed on snails and slugs. The shape of their snouts and jaws adapted specifically for to pull the snail out of the shell. Snake grabs her body with his teeth and bites deeper, while the body of the snail is not separated from the shell. This process takes a matter of minutes. Although the views were only opened, four of them are already on the verge of extinction.

Two new species, Dipsas and Sibon bobridgelyi bevridgelyi, was named after American ornithologist Robert Ridgely and his father, Berverly. Two more, and Dipsas Dipsas klebbai oswaldobaezi, in honor of Casey Klebba and Oswaldo Baeza participated in a campaign to raise money for species conservation,running scientists. And last, Dipsas georgejetti — after photographer George Jetta.

The collected campaign money, the researchers bought a plot of land inhabited by two of the five types. The rest of the money will go to further the scientific expedition.

In total there are about 70 species of snakes-witherow. According to experts, this unusual diet is the result of adaptation in snakes ecological niches, where the common snail.

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